Sunday Confessions 11

The United States of Becky

I confess:  I'm not a morning person at all (that's not my confession).  Even if I wake up on my own and not to an alarm clock, I struggle to get out of bed - ugh, it's the worst part of the day.  But as much as I dislike mornings, I really love the morning time and mornings in general once I get going (that's my confession).

I confess:  Have I talked about Sinking Submarine Captain in Sunday Confessions before?  Again, I can't remember, and I'm super tired right now because it's way late and springing forward really messes with me, so I'm not going to go back and look, but in case I haven't confessed this before, when I shower, I like to plug the tub and let the shower water slowly fill up the bathtub - like a sinking submarine - hence the name Sinking Submarine Captain.  Dennis coined the term.

I confess:  I love New Jersey.  That doesn't feel like much of a confession, but I always feel the need to justify that statement when I make it.  If you haven't been to New Jersey, I can just about 100% guarantee that your idea of what the Garden State is really like is probably wrong.  It's not all Jersey Shore douche bags or chemical plant cancer wastelands.  And if I had a choice of anywhere to live in the country, I would most likely choose a small town in north central Jersey (money not being an issue, lol).  Of course, I've never visited the Pacific Northwest and I'm pretty sure if I ever do, I won't be leaving.  Either way, New Jersey is my favorite of the 50 states.  There, I said it.

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