Sunday Confessions 13

The United States of Becky

I confess:  I can't seem to be able to talk about myself unless I'm being completely self depreciating.  I go to this monthly blogger meeting here in Houston and we start each meeting with introductions and an elevator pitch of our blogs and all I can ever come up with is, "It's a lifestyle blog without the style," and "I have ADD and so does my blog."  I'd really like to figure out something more positive about my blog to say.

I confess:  This is why I still haven't written a real About Me page - I know I need to but really have no idea what to say that isn't pretty much either snarky and jokey-negative or just plain bare your soul uncomfortable negative.  Maybe I should outsource my About Me page and have other people write it for me.

I confess:  I ate so much Easter candy this morning I might have to go puke.  Not really, I'm not a binge and purge kinda girl, but, man, I feel awful right now.  Not even Jack ate that much candy from his baskets.  When will I learn?  Never, that's when.

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