Weekend Snapshots 10

Happy Monday!  Welcome to this edition of Weekend Snapshots brought to you by Marissa's Sweet 16 Masquerade (and her amazing dress, OMG!).  Weekend Snapshots is hosted by yours truly and Ariana from 3TwentySix.  We'd love to see your weekend snapshots, so make sure to add your post to the link-up (and if you want the link-up to show up on your post, too, get the code here!)

This weekend was nice and relaxing with not a lot going on.  Dennis had to work, so Jack and I stayed home all day on Saturday and Sunday and other than the party, we didn't do much.  Saturday consisted of me distractedly trying to do some chores while not getting lost on the internet.  I was somewhat successful and managed to get a ton of laundry done - including folding and putting it away (miracle of miracles!).  I also somehow managed to get ready and out of the house (on time, no less) having actually taken the time to do my hair for the party.  Usually when I take out the styling implements, at some point I'm going to end up crying because I don't know WTF I'm doing, but Saturday things went pretty smoothly.  I don't know how I managed to not get a single picture of me dressed up for the party, but I do have bathroom selfies of my hair that I sent to Dennis (complete with shampoo bottles in the shower in the background).

The party was a ton of fun!  I've never been to a huge Sweet 16 party.  Growing up in the South there were always debutante balls, but I didn't run with that crowd, so I never went to any.  I knew there was pomp and circumstance involved in these things, but had no idea exactly how much.  This party was like a wedding reception!!!  Marissa had an entire court (I think that's what it's called) of her friends and they did some choreographed dances (so adorable in their teen awkwardness), there was a father/daughter dance, and a granddaughter/grandfather dance.  And did I mention her dress?  I seriously want a giant pink ballgown.

Jack didn't get a nap that day and was a bit spazzy and fussy, so we hung out in the car for a while.  He managed a short power nap and promised to behave once we went back inside (hahaha, the promise of a three year old), but most of the evening was tenuous.  He wanted to run laps around the venue and begged to cut the cake.  I kept trying to get him to understand that he had to wait for cake and that everyone was going to get cake at the same time.  He kept trying to convince me that he'd slice enough cake for everyone.  Can't fault his logic.  He finally got cake and then decided to do some wicked moves on the dance floor.  Then the sugar took over and he ran laps on the (thankfully empty) dance floor.  He passed out in the car on the way home, so we put him to bed in his party clothes - poor kid slept till 10 the next day.  I snapped a pic of him still asleep when I woke up.  Dennis titled the pic, "Jack's first hangover."  And please note that Jack had no alcohol at the party - just want to throw that out there for anyone questioning the title of the pic.

Sunday was a much needed lazy day.  And I mean lazy day.  I usually spend a ton of energy trying to stay focused and on task - it's exhausting.  Sunday, I decided not to fight it.  I managed to get dressed and take out the trash, but for the rest of the day, Jack and I watched Good Eats with Alton Brown on Netflix.  It was glorious to just give in to the distraction instead of fighting it all day long.  It was such a lazy day that I decided to order pizza instead of cooking dinner (also glorious).  Dennis had the great idea to pick up the pizza and picnic in the park since it was such a nice night.  I ate too much pizza (and feel like ass this morning), but Jack had fun running and running and running like a wild man.  I posted a pic to my FB page last night and woke up to the awesome Toddlers vs. Aliens treatment from my friend, David.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting or did you laze it up like I did?  Make sure to link-up with us so we share the weekend love!

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