Weekend Snapshots 11

Hey ya'll!  Welcome to Weekend Snapshots 11! This week's link-up is brought to you by Sunday Streets Houston and an epic bike ride with Ariana and her husband, Elliot!  It's always cool when you can get together in real life with one of your online friends.  The start of Daylight Savings Time is kicking my ass, so I hope I can remember everything from this weekend.  I'm not the only one suffering today, right?  Just me?  Okay.  More coffee.

Saturday was a super laid back day.  I saw a client in the morning, then Dennis, Jack, and I hung around the house.  Dennis needed to get a few home repair things done, so Jack and I tried to make it to the zoo.  Tried is the optimal term because even though it was late in the day and I was sure the park would be clearing out, Hermann Park and the Zoo were Crazy Town.  After trolling the parking lot for almost an hour (yes, a full hour and no parking spots to be found), I abandoned our hopes and dreams of wild animals in favor of checking out a park that Jill over at Big Kid Small City did a review of the other day.  Firetruck Park did not disappoint - thanks for your review, Jill!!!  Jack made a little friend his own age and proceeded to boss him around while fighting fires, but I don't know mom etiquette or how to exchange info to do play dates or anything, so we'll probably never see the kid again - either way, Jack had fun with another kid which is a big deal because he's never around other kids.

After the park, we all met up with Den's nephew, Christopher and his girlfriend, Jennifer, for some tasty pho.  Jack liked the broth, but surprisingly wasn't into the noodles.  He usually loves noodles, so go figure.  Kids are weird.  We all had such a good time chatting and talking out in the parking lot after dinner that we decided to stop into the coffee shop/bar next to the restaurant.  As soon as I walked in, I spied an original art piece by my friend Jessica.  It's always cool to recognize art by friends.  I had some of my favorite elderflower cider, Den and Jack played video games, we listened to a DJ and fun was had.  Of course, we were up too late and the time change happened, so Sunday morning kinda sucked.  I can't believe one little hour jacks me up so bad.

Sunday afternoon we met up with Ariana and Elliot at Sunday Streets.  If you don't know, Sunday Streets is a community event that happens once a month where a stretch of main road is shut down to traffic so people can explore a neighborhood on foot, bicycle, skateboard, or roller skates.  Every month a different area is picked and it's a really unique way to get to know a place you might otherwise just drive through.  Ariana and I have known each other for almost 3 years and this is only the third time we've ever seen each other in person - and we live in the same freaking city!  I saw her for her Instagram class, but before that, it was like 2 years since we'd seen each other.

We grabbed some yummy food from one of the food trucks, walked around a bit, had some amazing popsicles from another food truck, then set out on a bike adventure.  We cruised from the East End of Houston all the way through Downtown, down the Allen Parkway trails, and back again  all along the banks of Buffalo Bayou.  That totals about 13 miles - sounds like a lot, but was a nice moderate distance for an afternoon ride.  Along the way, we came across this ancient looking fishing pier (or at least that's what I think it might've been), our trail came to an abrupt halt and we had to hike our bikes up this crazy hill, we found a ton of urban art (which I should've taken more pics of ), I peed in the bushes, Jack peed everywhere (#pottytraining), we laughed, we cried, it was better than Cats.  And I don't know how I managed to not get everyone in one pic.  #selfiestickfail

After the ride, Den and I did a little more urban exploring on the east side of town in hopes that Jack would take a little car nap.  Spoiler:  he didn't.  We did come across some pretty cool industrial stuff, but the sun was setting and I only got a pic of this train track manufacturing warehouse.  We drove through some cute original post-war housing boom suburban (now urban) neighborhoods and saw places of Houston we've never been.  I love exploring my city.

This was a fabulous weekend.  The weather was perfect, the company couldn't have been better, and I feel exhausted in a way you can only get when you've had a great time.  How was your weekend?  Share your stories and snapshots with us in the link-up (and get the code for the link-up to show up on your post here).

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