Weekend Snapshots 13

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!!!  It's been a crazy week around here so I'm just now getting to my Weekend Snapshots, brought to you by Jack and Mimi cooking in the kitchen - I spent the Easter weekend with my Mom, so had to drive back to town on Monday morning.  It's amazing how much of a difference setting your alarm for 5pm instead of 5am can make to the rest of the week - I've been behind on everything since Monday.  Whomp, whomp.  I seem to finally be catching up, and as always, I'm linking up with Ariana at 3twentysix (and you should, too - if my post is ever late, hers will be up and you can drop your link there, lol).  On to the recap!

Like I said,  I drove up to visit Mom for the Easter weekend on Friday, and it never fails, my roadtrip buddy always zonks out on me.  So much for playing eye spy or the alphabet game - well, Jack would need to actually know the alphabet for that one, but you know what I'm saying.  And don't worry, I took that picture when we weren't moving - safety first!  Once we arrived, it was almost time for dinner and Jack helped Mimi make some really delicious homemade shake-n-bake chicken.  He loves to cook in the kitchen.

Saturday, Mom had to work and Jack and I had a pajama day.  When Mom got off work, it was Easter Bunny time!  Mom got home at 7:15 and the Easter Bunny closed at 8:00, so it was a bit of a rush to get there - good thing it's a small town and the mall was just 5 minutes from Mom's house.  Jack has always been okay with taking his picture with the Easter Bunny, but every Santa picture has turned into a family portrait.  Anyway, Jack is totally cool with the Easter Bunny, but he never quite smiles for pictures - lately we tell him to smile, but he ends up making weird faces - this time he ended up looking like a pirate.  I don't know if he thinks he's smiling or if he's just being goofy, but either way, the pic is hilarious.  After our Easter Bunny shenanigans, we went to this really yummy cajun restaurant to surprise my friend, Mat, who works there.  Jack has been a picky eater for some time now, and asked for crawfish, and then actually ate the ones I peeled for him!  I was so proud.  Thankfully, it was near the end of the night when we were there, because Jack got a little spazzy and we were able to let him run around the tables and generally be a kid (ie exhibit wildly inappropriate restaurant behavior) without getting on anyone's nerves.  He and Mat played air guitar, too, it was awesome!

Easter morning, Jack went from 100% asleep to 100% awake in about a half a second, exclaiming, "Easter Bunny, Mommy, Easter Bunny!  Go downstairs, Easter Bunny came!"  The morning involved too much candy, some new Dinotrux toys {afilliate}, and fun.  We went out for a late brunch, then over to my Grandma's for Easter dinner.  Once again, Jack actually ate his dinner (his weight in peas and carrots), and then some homemade chocolate pie!  After tons of candy, no nap, playing with my cousin's kids, Jack was totally Eastered out and passed out on my Grandma's loveseat.  It was a good day!

How did you spend your Easter weekend?  Do you celebrate with family or have any traditions?  Make sure to link-up with us, 'cause we want to share the love!  The link-up is open till Friday night!  And if you want the nifty link-up to show up in your post, you can grab the code here.

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