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I love yoga pants.  And since I'm a mom, it's not unusual to find me in the cliched mom uniform of yoga pants and a t-shirt or tank top pretty much every day.  My activewear drawer is literally overflowing and I still don't think I have enough pairs to get me through the week.  I at least make it to the YMCA some days, so my activewear obsession is at least partly justified.

I used to think all yoga pants were pretty much created equal.  Used to, that is, until I had the opportunity to partner with to review their amazing selection of yoga pants, clothing, home and wellness products, and many other awesome things found on their site.  In case you haven't figured it out by now, this is a sponsored post thanks to the amazing peeps at, yo.

Like I said, I have more pairs of yoga pants than I should probably admit to owning and I pretty much thought that all yoga pants were created equal.  I'd mostly shop the sale racks, but would occasionally splurge on a $20 (gasp) pair if they made my butt look really great.  I just didn't see the point in expensive designer workout clothes until I put on a pair and my life changed forever.  No exaggeration.

I picked out the Onzie Yoga Capris in a skull print (I might be a mom wearing a mom uniform, but I'm going to do it my way) that took me forever to decide on - has an amazing selection (go ahead and check it out - I'll wait - and while you're there, sign up to receive 10% off your first purchase) and I'm terrible at making decisions (buy all the pants my heart screamed - no yelled my checking account).  As soon as they arrived and I put them on, I wanted to take all of my other yoga pants and make a burn pile in the back yard.  All yoga pants are NOT CREATED EQUAL!!!

onzie yoga pants, yoga pants,
sorry, kiddo, they're not created equal

First, the material.  Not only do I absolutely adore the funky skull print, but the actual material of the leggings feels like liquid satin when you're holding them and even better when you put them on.  These Onzie Yoga Capris are made with some sort of magical moisture wicking material that must've been made by sorcerers because somehow these pants actually feel cool to the touch.  I haven't had the chance to do any hot yoga in them, but I'm willing to bet these would help me survive a 90 minute 100 degree class without dying.  And not that I'm looking forward to the inevitable heat heading for Houston sooner rather than later, but I'm actually excited to try running in these once the weather heats up.

Next, the fit.  These leggings fit like they were custom made for me.  The leggings are tight enough to make me feel like my fat isn't jiggling around when I'm working out without being so tight that I feel like I'm stuffed in a sausage casing.  They stretch perfectly and basically feel like an amazingly soft and fluid second skin.  It rubs the lotion on its skin.....wait, that's not what I meant.  The waistband is nice and thick and also supports my belly flab without cutting into my waist so there's no muffin top (yay!!!).  Also, my butt looks fantastic in them.

onzie yoga capri pants,, yoga pants

Now, the price.  I used to scoff at yoga pants and other activewear in this price point, but you really do get what you pay for.  I will admit, at this time in my financial life I would not normally be able to afford yoga pants at this price and even when I had more money I still might not have paid this price for yoga pants, but having this high end pair has taught me that it's truly worth investing in an item of clothing that is well made and that you will wear often (I wear these more than once a week).  I'd rather have 3 pairs of these leggings that I have to wash often than 10 pairs of clearance cheapos.  And I'm sure sorcerers don't come cheap - it's definitely worth paying a little more for their magic pants.

Do you have any clothing pieces in your closet that you were surprised by or that you spent more money on than you normally would, but are totally satisfied with?  How often do you wear activewear (and do you actually go to the gym, lol)?  Are there any magically charmed pants in your wardrobe?

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