Sunday Confessions 17

The United States of Becky

I confess:  I don't use Bloglovin' to follow blogs.  I know I should because I want you to follow me on bloglovin and read my blog, but I just never go to the site.  Actually, I just went to the site, and it's just not very intuitive to me.  Where the hell are all the blog posts from the blogs I follow?  Because I sure can't find them.

I confess:  Despite having a degree in theatre/acting, I can't seem to muster the courage to do a video on the blog. Both Becky and Heather have been putting videos up on their blogs and I think they're great, but I guess my balls just haven't dropped yet.  I also have no idea what I'd do a video about.  Also this is why I don't really periscope.  Also, I know I'd be super critical of whatever I filmed and/or would be too wrapped up in "production value" to just wing it and do a spontaneous video.  Maybe someday.

I confess:  Because of all this plumbing crap we've been having to deal with, it looks like our bathroom is headed for a complete redecoration.  Even though Dennis recently painted the bathroom (and did this cool custom seahorse on the back of the door) it looks like we're going to be changing everything.  I feel bad because I'm super excited about this. Den is the one who picked the colors and design for the paint that's currently on the walls, but it's never really been what I wanted.  I let him do the bathroom because I've done the rest of the house.  I feel bad because he worked hard on the paint in there, and I feel even worse that I'm really looking forward to putting together the bathroom exactly how I want - or rather as close as I can get on a budget.  The guilt runs deep within me.

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