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It's Monday, ya'll, and that means it's time for another edition of Weekend Snapshots, featuring Jack admiring the kites at the Hermann Park Kite Festival on Sunday.  And what a jam packed weekend we had!  As always, I'm hosting this Weekend Snapshots Link-Up with Ariana over at 3twentysix - make sure to link up your weekend recaps so we can all stalk each other show each other some love.  And if you want the whole link-up to show up in your post, you can get the code here.  Now, on to the recap!

This crazy weekend started off early Saturday morning as Dennis and I geared up to drive to San Antonio to take part in the Ingress Obsidian Anomaly.  What exactly is that, you ask?  I've mentioned Ingress a time or two here on the blog, but haven't written about it in detail.  Maybe I'll dedicate a whole post to it someday, but for now, the tl;dr summary is Ingress is a GPS based smartphone game (meaning in order to play, you actually have to be in the physical location of what you're interacting with on your phone).  There are two factions, or teams, playing against each other in real time in an advanced capture the flag battle for the minds and souls of humans.  That's a horrible summary, so if you want to learn more, watch this video (and then sign up for the Enlightened - they're the only team that matters).

An Anomaly is an event that is put on by the game creators, Niantic Labs, where thousands of agents from both factions battle it out for control of specific portals of interest in a day long city wide event.  These events take place on the same day all over the world and the global score determines which faction wins.  And OMGtheyaresomuchfun!!!  And I couldn't miss an Anomaly happening so close to home.  We took Jack with us, and I have to say, he was so well behaved for the whole day!  He stayed in his stroller most of the time (which he never does) and only got a little cranky at the very end - but he was getting tired and we weren't able to pay as much dedicated attention to him as we usually do (the fate of humanity was at stake), so I totally understand him finally getting cranky.

We stopped at Bucee's on the way to San Antonio and had to get pics with the Bucee statue.  Jack wanted nothing to do with a giant beaver statue (and the statue got a little handsy with Dennis), but we had to get our pics anyway.  We left Houston with plenty of time to arrive in San Antonio before gameplay started.  We were assigned special roles on our team - we were ninjas and had to be at our portals of interest to do some Ingress business before the actual official Anomaly started, so we ended up running around like headless chickens for the first couple of hours.  Our rendezvous point with our faction was a park about a mile away from our assigned portals and we practically had to run all the way to our targets to get our jobs done in time, then we had to run another half mile to the official Niantic check point to officially check in as participating agents.  We made the check in with about one minute to spare.  We booked it back to the original rendezvous place to (hopefully) make the event photo (spoiler:  we didn't), where Jack somehow convinced Dennis to let him play in the splash pad fountains.  Then we had to book it back to our original portals for more ninja business - I'm tired just writing all of that - we basically did an unprepared 5K first thing upon arrival.

Jack got cold from being soaking wet so we bundled him up in his stroller and Den fed him chips (so spoiled, lol).  The morning started off at 40 something degrees, so it was still pretty chilly in the cold and the wind.  That didn't last long, though.  Temps got up to the mid-to-high 70's and we were all sweaty and hot before long.  I didn't get any pics during game play (hello, the fate of humanity was hanging in the balance), and by the end of the day, Jack let us know just how tired he was on the steps of the Alamo.  But he had the energy for an epic family selfie in front of the Alamo before we headed all the way back down to the original park to hear who won the Anomaly (spoiler:  The Enlightened WON!!!  Hell yes!!!).  Jack went back for more splash pad action before we headed to the Enlightened after party BBQ.  Then it was a short long drive home back to Houston.

Sunday, Dennis was playing Dungeons & Dragons {affiliate} with friends so I decided to take Jack to the Hermann Park Kite Festival.  We live kinda by the park, but definitely not in walking distance, and there were so many people there, we ended up having to park almost all the way back at our house.  It was crazy.  I had second thoughts about going when I realized how far away we had park and how many people would be there, but I had already told Jack what we were doing so I had to follow through.  I'm glad we made the hike because we really did end up having a good time - even though I left our kite in the car (doh!).  There were tons of kites there, but it wasn't a particularly windy day.  I went ahead and bought a $10 mini-kite (totally not worth the money), but there wasn't enough wind to make it fly.  Jack had more fun rolling down the hill than anything.  We had to wait for FOREVER in line at one of the food trucks just for orange juice and chips for Jack.  But it turns out it was a good way to rest (even if it was in the sun).  Jack made friends with the millennials in line in front of us while we waited.  Jack found a bubble gun without bubbles in it on the ground while we were walking around and since nobody was around to claim it, I let him keep it - ground score!!!  Then Jack spied the Miller Outdoor Theatre stage and had to go play with the kids up there.  There was this great lady with a working bubble gun that Jack kept trying to trade her - then they played bubble wars and by the end of it, she was giving him the bubble bottle off the bottom of her gun.  That kid is such a charmer.  He also tried to join in with this group of girls that were making up a choreographed dance.  It was too cute.  By this time, I knew I was too exhausted to walk all the way back to the car and that Dennis would be finishing up with D&D, so I had him meet us at the park to take us back to my car.  One last climb up the boulders for Jack and it was time to go.  He barely made it home before he fell asleep.

We had quite the jam packed exhausting weekend, but I really wouldn't have it any other way.  What were you up to this weekend?  Did you help in the fight for humanity or fly a kite?  Did you go to any festivals or parties?  Or maybe you just stayed at home and binge watched Netflix.  Whatever you did, I'd love to hear about it!  Make sure to link-up with us to share the love!!!

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