Weekend Snapshots 16

Welcome to another edition of Weekend Snapshots!  I can't believe that this weekend recap link-up with Ariana at 3twentysix is already 16 weeks old!!!  I feel like I'm counting the developmental weeks of a baby - our precious little link-up is 16 weeks old (awwwwww) - or in real people speak, our link-up is 4 months old (awwwwww).  Anyway, this week's post is brought to you by the no-frills weekend we adulted our way through and Dennis and Jack enjoying some popcorn outside our favorite Home Depot.  Make sure to link-up your weekend recap at the end of this post and check out what everyone has been up to.  And don't forget - you can get the code right here to have the link-up show up in your post, too!

Unlike most of our weekends, this past weekend was long on adult responsibility and short on fun and frivolity.  You've got to adult some of the time, right?  We (ie Dennis) spent all of last weekend (and part of the week before that), and all of this week dealing with our plumbing problems.  Dennis tried to do as much of the plumbing work as he could manage, but then he also got the same stomach virus that Jack and I had and finally had to call the plumbers back to finish what he started.  The plumbers finally finished up on Wednesday afternoon and after a week away from home, Jack and I finally got to move back in.

Saturday was spent on a couple of errands - Home Depot and the grocery store - and trying to catch up on the massive piles of laundry that being without water for almost 10 days will leave you with (spoiler:  It's Monday and I'm still working on laundry).  As we were leaving Home Depot, Jack noticed some guys sitting on these stacks of plywood eating their lunch, so Jack wanted to stop and eat his popcorn like them.  After Home Depot, we needed to stop for some groceries where Jack apparently decided he needed to get in a weight lifting workout with the paper plates.  "Me strong boy!!!"  Get it, Jack, get it.

We were supposed to go straight home from the grocery store, but we got a little side tracked with Ingress and managed to clear our neighborhood of the nasty blue portals that have been cropping up and then we threw some nice sized green fields.  In other words, we shirked our adult responsibility for about an hour to play Ingress.  Dennis mowed the lawn when we got home, and I got down to doing a massive detailed sweeping and mopping of the house.

I had already mopped a few times where the plumbers had tracked poop-mud around, but I figured the rest of the house could use a good mopping, too.  One thing led to another and I ended up on this massive reorganization/spring cleaning of the living room.  It took me the entire afternoon to move everything out of the living room so I could really scrub the floors.  Then I decided to only move some of the things back so the room would look nicer.  While everything was moved away from the fireplace, I snapped a pic to seek some advice via Instagram as to what color I should paint my fireplace.  We're thinking of getting these curtains from Ikea and I've been using  yellow as an accent color throughout the house, so any suggestions are welcome!

Early Saturday evening, our dryer started making a loud screeching noise, so Dennis and Jack took it apart and fixed it.  The top of dryer needed a good cleaning off and organizing, so we're in the process of that now, too.  #springcleaningwhetherornotwewantto  Jack loved taking the dryer apart, though, so there's that.

Sunday was more laundry, more mopping, and Dennis taking care of some things for our tenant and doing a bit of plumbing work.  The clog is fixed, but we still have a gaping hole in the main bathroom floor that probably won't be fixed until we have time next weekend.  Sunday was so exciting I didn't even take any pics, lol!

We may not have had much fun this weekend, but I definitely feel accomplished (even though we did get side tracked with some Ingress).  I certainly can't wait to get done with this laundry and get that bathroom put back together!  What were you up to this weekend?  Do you have any home improvement projects going on?  Spring Cleaning?  Make sure to link up your posts and have a great week!!!

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