Weekend Snapshots 17

It's Monday, Monday, Monday, so that means it's time for this week's Weekend Snapshots linkup with yours truly and Ariana at 3twentysix!  This week's snapshots are brought to you by our spur of the moment decision to go to Sunday Streets even though it was rainy and there were tons of other things we needed to do.   We can only adult so much, you know?  Make sure to check out everyone's posts in the link-up at the end of the post and grab the code to have the link-up show up on your post, too!  Sharing the love!

This weekend was more adultier than our usual weekends, but not as adulty as last weekend.  Saturday, I filled in at a spa that I sometimes pick up appointments at so I could make a little extra money this month.  Dennis and Jack went to the zoo and then thought I got off work at 8 instead of 7, so I walked to a nearby coffee shop, Black Hole Coffee, to wait for them to pick me up.  Black Hole Coffee was a pretty cool coffee shop - it reminded me just a tiny bit of Karma Cup, the coffee shop I hung out at as a teen, but slightly more pretentious.  My iced caramel latte was on point, though, so I can forgive a bit of pretentiousness.  I sat out on the patio sipping my latte and writing in my bullet journal, so I fit right in, lol.  At least I wasn't writing terrible teenage poetry like back in the day.  After my coffee break, we went to Star Pizza for dinner - Jack had already had a long day and it was getting late so we did what we don't normally like to do and let Jack watch Mighty Machines on Den's phone.  Yes, we were those parents, but we wanted to eat without Jack having a mega meltdown.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Sunday we got less accomplished than we should have - there's still a hole in our bathroom floor and there's still a hole in our yard that needs to be filled in, but for some reason we were all moving through molasses.  I'm at least finally caught up on the laundry and the floors are super clean, so there's that.  Midway through the day, I saw a FB post from Ariana about Sunday Streets and since it was only about a mile or so from us, Den and I decided we needed to have some fun and go.  We wanted to ride our bikes there, but as soon as Den went out to the garage, it started to sprinkle and didn't look like it was going to let up, so we drove instead.

This month's Sunday Streets was pretty deserted.  I guess because we got there a little late and the weather was getting worse nobody was brave enough to stick it out.  There were plenty of food trucks, though and we couldn't pass up on the shaved ice.  The guy making them was nice enough to mix blue coconut and yellow pineapple to make Jack a green one - Jack's favorite color right now is green, so everything must be green.  I had tiger's blood and it was delicious!  We met up with Ariana and her husband, Elliot, and two of their friends whose names I didn't get (sorry guys).  Because of the rain, we ended up hanging out under a tree eating our food.  We didn't see much of the Sunday Streets, but it was nice to just hang out.  Jack fell down and scraped his hand and needed a "dam-baid", Dennis tried his hand at juggling three wildly different objects, and Jack played in the puddles.  Fun was had.

Sunday night, we just couldn't get Jack to settle down.  Was it all the sugar from the shaved ice?  Was it the fact that we can't seem to get him to bed before 10:30 anyway?  After dinner, he and I played a rousing game of Ghostbusters Hunters where we looked for ghosts and monsters around the house and pretended to shoot spaghetti at them (most of them turned out to be good guys), and then Jack wanted to run laps around the house.  Then he wanted to have deep and meaningful conversations about hot burning lava.  Dennis and I were exhausted.  So I came up with the idea to camp in the living room.  One air mattress and showing of Robin Hood {affilliate} later, we were all asleep.  Victory!!!!  Of course, the cats were thrilled that their sleeping humans were within cuddle distance (we lock them out of the bedroom at night), so all six cats were piled on the bed with us.  To say I woke up achy is an understatement.  But living room camping is pretty awesome, so there's that.

What were you up to this weekend?  Make sure to share your recap and snapshot posts with us in the linkup.  Have you ever been living room camping?  Was your weekend full of fun or did you adult, too?

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