April 2016 Blog Traffic (and Income) Report

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I've been putting off writing this month's blog traffic and income report for a while now.  April was a tough month for me - I suffered some blogger burnout, and about a ton of stuff happened in real life that prevented me from putting much of any focus on this little space of mine.  While I realize all things in life have ups and downs, it's still discouraging to go through a down period after you've worked so hard to go up.  But instead of trying to pretend April didn't happen and just not write a traffic report, I want to maintain full transparency and show the realities of life and blogging.

For those of you who may be new around here, I've been blogging for a loooooong time, but have only recently made the decision to look at my blog as a business and try to earn a little money from my online endeavours.  At the beginning of 2016, I buckled down, hashed out a plan (sorta) and have been sharing my traffic an income reports for those bloggers out there who aren't earning six figures or who don't have tons of page views.  We all start somewhere, ya know, and I found it very discouraging to read traffic reports from well established blogs because I was in no position to compare myself to them.  So little blogs, this traffic and income report goes out to you!!!

April saw another decline in my stats overall - I only wrote ten posts, down five posts from March and half of my goal of twenty posts.  My Instagram following increased from 529 to 572, an increase of 43 followers.  Less than March, and not stellar compared to those who grow their followings by that number per day, but not too shabby considering I only focus on using #hashtags and liking photos and wasn't as active across all of my social media accounts in April.

April 2016 Blog Traffic

In April, I only had 977 pageviews, a decrease of 273.  Dismal, I know.  But when you combine a healthy dose of blogger burnout, a stomach virus that everyone in your family gets, and having your plumbing back up throughout your entire house that's what happens.  You can see in the middle of the month where all three of those things caused a perfect storm of blog neglect, but by the end of April, I was starting to recover (and the plumbing was working again!).  I had 578 users over 735 sessions - again, not great numbers, but totally to be expected.  My bounce rate increased again this month, up 2.43% from 78.93% in March to 81.36% in April and my time spent per session took a nosedive from 1:07 to 0:44.  My pages per session also decreased, but not significantly.  Overall, my April numbers suck.  

Top 5 Posts in April

What Did I Earn?

In April, I earned $25 from ModCloth {afilliate} and I received those awesome yoga pants from YogaOutlet.com for free.  I spent $1.99 on my InLinkz {affiliate}, so I definitely came out ahead, but $23.01 does not a living make.  I really need to figure out this affiliate marketing thing (and apparently come up with a course to sell to you - that seems to be all the rage - not sure what you want to learn about, though - let me know in the comments, lol).

Social Stats

Facebook from 408 to 431 - 23 new likes
Instagram from 529 to 572 - 43 new followers
Pinterest not sure - I didn't track my month's end
Twitter 17 new followers (not bad considering I pay almost zero attention to Twitter)

And there you have it, my April Blog Traffic (and Income) Report.  I know we all have our ups and downs, but hopefully I won't have another April this year.  I think the important thing is that these numbers didn't discourage me so much that I gave up, which is something I struggle with.

Have you had blogger burnout or had a mountain of real life things get in the way of your blogging?  How did you recover?  What did you learn from the experience?  I'd love to hear your stories!!

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