March 2016 Blog Traffic (and Income) Report

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March was a pretty great month for The Reinvention of Jessica.  Pretty great until I suffered from blogger burnout at the end of the month and on into April.  In an effort to grow my blog, I've been going balls to the wall since the beginning of the year without enough of a plan or direction to sustain me.  I still don't have much of a plan, but I feel like I've at least worked through some of the burnout, so I'm playing a bit of catch up around here.  I started publishing my blog traffic and income reports back in January and even though I missed publishing March's report last month, I decided to go ahead and write up March's report for you now (it's my blog - I'll do what I want {read that in Cartman's voice}).

I had better traffic in February than I did in March (and that may be part of what led to my burnout), but I still think I had decent numbers for March.  In March, I wrote 15 new blog posts, down 2 from February (which was down 2 from January - not a great trend), and although I started an email list, I still haven't sent out a newsletter.  I saw an increase in my Instagram followers from 466 to 529, an increase of 63 followers.  I've been putting a lot of focus on Instagram (or at least as much focus as my ADD will allow) and I can tell it's paying off.  Now for March's hard numbers:

March 2016 Blog Traffic

In March, I had 1,250 pageviews, a decrease of 164.  I probably would've at least equalled February's numbers if I hadn't burnt out at the end of the month.  Although I do think paying too close attention to my numbers in March attributed to my burnout - I set a goal I knew I wasn't reaching (because I suck at setting realistic goals, lol), and the inevitable disappointment of not reaching the goal I set made me pissy and grumpy.  Moving along, those 1,250 pageviews came from 662 users over 859 sessions with a bounce rate of 78.93%.  Compared to February, pageviews, users, and sessions went down and my bounce rate went up.  This is not the direction any of these numbers should be headed.  But in reality, the change is so small it's not worth stressing over and well within what I think are normal parameters for fluctuation.

My bounce rate went up by 2.21%, but the time spent per session only decreased by 4 seconds (virtually no change at all), so at least that's good - after all, I don't just want people clicking on my site, I want people to stick around and read my words and look at my pictures (#I'mASpecialSnowflake).  In February, I had 26.4% returning visitors and in March that went up to 29.3% returning visitors.  This is actually a good thing.  That means although my pageviews et al were down in March, more people returned to The Reinvention of Jessica than in February and they were spending virtually the same amount of time reading my posts - in other words, I had less fly by night visitors and more (possible) fans actually interested in what I'm writing.  THAT IS A GREAT THING!  And thank you, returning readers!!

Top 5 Posts in March

What Did I Earn?

In March, I partnered with Grammarly {affiliate - obviously} and earned $25.  I also received a box of Illy K-Cup {affiliate} coffee to test (it was delicious).  I'm slowly (painfully slowly) figuring out this affiliate marketing thing and I know I have a lot to learn, so hopefully this will continue to be a viable income stream for me.  Affiliate marketing seems so simple, but like couponing, I can't seem to 100% wrap my mind around the actual ins and outs of the implementation.  I only spent $1.99 on my Inlinkz {affiliate} subscription, so that definitely means I stayed in the black for this month.

Social Stats

Facebook:  from 385 to 408 - 23 new likes
Instagram:  from 466 to 502 - 36 new followers
Pinterest:  from not really sure - I didn't track my month's end
Twitter:  43 new followers (not bad considering I pay no attention to Twitter,lol)

And that's my belated March 2016 Blog Traffic and Income Report.  I'll be back soon with April's stats.  Let me know if there's anything you want to know concerning my reports and what I'm doing (and not doing) to grow my blog and income.  Is there anything I left out?  How are your stats doing?  What's working (or not working) for you?  Let me know!

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