Rent the Runway Review

I have a confession to make:  I have more clothes than I know what to do with, but I never seem to have anything I want to wear.  Despite practically always being in yoga pants and a t-shirt (#momuniform), I really do love fashion and I almost never pass up the opportunity to doll myself up.  The only problem?  I feel like I've worn all my fun clothes and constantly want to try new looks (I also hate it when someone sees me in the same dolled up outfit more than once - it's a problem I'm working on) - this leaves me feeling frustrated because I can't constantly buy clothes to wear only once or twice (my closet and drawers are literally overflowing).  The solution?  Rent the Runway (click that link for 20% off your first order), ya'll!!!

I recently partnered with Rent the Runway (we're affiliates, yo - I get a commission - at no charge to you - if you decided to take advantage of their awesomeness) and they provided me the chance to test their service and write a review and I can tell you, the next time I need a special outfit, I am 100% using Rent the Runway.  My experience was a-maz-ing!

What's Rent the Runway, you ask?  In case you don't already know, Rent the Runway is a clothing rental service where you can rent high end couture for parties and events.  They have more choices than you can shake a stick at, so there's something for every taste (and so many sequins - I want all the shiny things!!!).  You pick out what you want to wear, they UPS it to you, you look absolutely amazing at your event and everyone is jealous, then you ship the item back to Rent the Runway (return shipping is included in the price).  It's that simple.

I decided I wanted to look extra fabulous on Mother's Day and this fun little skirt was perfect!  I don't know much about designers (except for some of the really big ones), so I'm not going to talk about who I'm wearing (so red carpet), but I am going to talk about how awesome this skirt is.  It's no secret that I don't buy high end clothes.  I don't have the budget for designer clothes and don't mind plunking down money on a cheap trendy item that I know will only last through the life of the trend.  I've always thought that clothes are clothes and high priced items are little more than a name on a tag, but I WAS WRONG!!!  The quality of this skirt went far and beyond the quality of anything else in my closet.  And it has pockets, ya'll.  Pockets.  All skirts should come with pockets.

My skirt arrived on Friday evening via UPS and I was really surprised to find a garment bag on my front porch instead of a box - I was totally expecting a box.  The bag was super sturdy and had Rent the Runway embroidered on the front and had plenty of room for multiple items.  I wasn't sure what size I would be (can we all please just standardize our clothing sizes, m'kay?) and a measurement chart wasn't available (the only downside to RtR in my opinion) online, but Rent the Runway offers to send you two of the same item in different sizes at no additional charge just in case you're not sure of your size.  Handy dandy return shipping instructions and label were also included.  So simple!!!

I felt fabulous in my couture for Mother's Day.  I decided to wear my skirt with a top I've had for forever from Forever 21 and a pair of oxfords (find similar ones here - affiliate) that are now my go-to pick to wear with everything lately.  I was able to chase Jack around like a wild woman and still feel like a pretty, pretty princess.

The next time you have a wedding to attend, a girl's night out, date night, or any other special event, you should totally give Rent the Runway a try.  You get 20% off your first order if you go through one of my links - making an affordable service even more affordable and you'll have access to a virtual closet of high fashion!!!  Fun, fun, fun!

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