Weekend Snapshots 18

It's Monday, so that means it's Weekend Snapshots time again, and I'm happy to report there was NO ADULTING at all this weekend!!!  In fact, this weekend really started on Thursday for me and included a trip to the zoo, an amazing Houston Bloggers meeting, a trip to visit my Mom and more!  This week's edition of Weekend Snapshots link-up is brought to you by Dapper Jack and is being brought to you courtesy of yours truly and Ariana at 3twentysix.  Make sure to link up your weekend recap posts with us and add the code to your post, too - it's all about sharing the love!

This weekend really got started for me on Thursday.  Jack and I spent some time at the Houston Zoo.  He stole my favorite hat and wouldn't give it back (but that's okay because he looked so good in it).  We saw some animals, ate some ice cream, and got way too hot - seriously Houston, it wasn't yet May, no need for the heat and humidity already.  That evening, I went to the April Houston Blogger's meeting (if you're Houston local and a blogger you're missing out if you don't come to these meetings) and had cannoli for dinner - because I'm an adult.

The next day, Dennis and Jack made sure my truck was ready to drive to my Mom's for the weekend.  We drove straight to the bookstore where she works and Jack immediately wanted to start helping her shelve books and read to me.  He's such a great helper!  That night we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner and I did the annoying mom thing of letting Jack watch shows on my phone so Mom and I could actually have a conversation over dinner (#youdowhatyoudo #atleastheatehisdinner).  When we got back to Mom's she gave Jack a Thor's hammer which is now his favorite new toy.

On Saturday, Jack and I had lunch with my Grandma (Waffle House if you're curious), and I left my phone at Grandma's when I was picking her up and go no pics of lunch #shameful.  After lunch, we headed over to Mom's work so Grandma could pick out some books.  The Air Force base in town was having an air show and we kept seeing the jets flying over us, so we pulled over to watch the end of the show.  I tried to get a shot of Grandma, Mom, and Jack all in the same picture, but Jack is just too quick for me.  When it was time to take Grandma home, Jack really (and I mean really) wanted to stay and help Mom work.  When I got back to the bookstore, Jack had helped Mom put some books away and was helping her coworker, Marcus, price some books.  Then Jack helped at the cash register.  #hediditall

Dinner that night was at Crawdaddy's Kitchen for some delish Cajun food.  Jack was super tired (he fell asleep on the way and we had to wake him up), but he was well behaved even if he didn't eat much.  My jambalaya was on point and I found the King of all Crawfish - he was delicious, too.

Sunday was the first of the month and when I do my Day in the Life photo project, so I'm not going to share many pics from Sunday - you'll just have to come back soon for my Day in the Life post.  We went to the SciPort Discovery Center for some science fun.  Jack saw his first movie there and then ran around the riverfront like a wild man.  That evening, we went to dinner, then home and to bed - we were all so exhausted!

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend.  Fun was had, adulting was not (yay!), and I'm still worn out from all the fun.  How was your weekend?  Were you responsible, or did you throw caution to the wind and have an all in fun weekend?  Did you take a road trip or just stay home?  Share your posts with us in the linkup  and be sure to visit everyone else to share the love!!!

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