Weekend Snapshots 19

It's Monday, ya'll and time for this week's edition of Weekend Snapshots!  You know, that fun link-up I have going on with Ariana from 3TwentySix!!  Make sure you're linking your weekend posts with us - the link-up stays open till Friday, yo!  This week's wrap-up is brought to you by my very windblown new hairdo for Mother's Day.  I decided to go ahead and cut my hair this week - but not too drastically - I was thinking pixie, but went for bob instead (and finally got the cut I was looking for!).

Despite being Mother's Day weekend, this weekend was rather uneventful.  I did a bit of adulting by way of working on Saturday.  I sometimes fill in at a local day spa and they had me do massages at a 5K race on Saturday morning.  It was pretty fun getting to work on all the runners after the race.  I had to be there by 7:30 am (ugh, so early), and Jack woke up before I had to leave - he must've sensed a disturbance in the force - I was just going to try to sneak out of the house and let him sleep.  But it was a good thing he woke up.  He did not want me to go, and I was able to take the time to calm him down and make it okay.  He ended up on the couch watching Mighty Machines with Dennis when I left the house.

When I got home, Den was super tired (he'd hardly slept the night before and had to get up with Jack), so he took a power nap while I got things ready to see clients at my office.  Of course, the cats were all over him.  Crash never cuddles with us, but he was right next to Dennis as soon as he laid down, and of course, Squeak couldn't pass up the opportunity to sit on Den.  I'm really surprised there weren't more cats around - they usually don't get access to us when we're sleeping.  After Den's power nap, he took Jack with him to run some errands so I could work.  Jack passed out in the car about a block from the house (not surprisingly - he was up hours earlier than normal).

That evening, Dennis dyed my hair purple, pink, and blue as part of my Mother's Day gift.  I went to the salon for a cut and to have my roots bleached, but doing the fun colors at home is something Den and I can handle ourselves.  I have to say, it was weird walking around as a blond for 3 days.  Blond is definitely not my color.  I felt so washed out!  While we were letting the dye sit on my hair, Jack absolutely had to make melon balls on the kitchen floor with his special headlamp on.  #sillykid

Mother's Day was a mostly laid back  Most of the day was spent lounging around the house in our pajamas.  We ended up watching music videos on YouTube while we ate breakfast, and Jack made us move all the chairs out of the office so he  could dance around.  I'm so glad I managed to get that on video!

I partnered with Rent the Runway (click that link for $20 off your first order and I get $20, too!) and picked out an awesome skirt to wear for Mother's Day, so we finally got off our butts to go out to lunch and then to the Galleria to look for a sunglasses case for those RayBans I found at the State Capitol.  Jack ended up falling asleep in the car on the way to lunch and instead of waking him up, we went through the drive through of Beck's Prime Rib and ate our lunch in the car.  #parenthood  I was too hungry to get a pic of the salad I ordered, lol.  

Post Galleria shopping, we stopped by the Waterwall Park to take some pics of said awesome skirt.  It was super windy, so getting pics where it didn't look like I was in a tornado was difficult, but I think we managed to get some decent shots.  Look for that review post coming soon.  Dennis tried teaching Jack how to play tic-tac-toe, but I don't think Jack quite understood the concept.  He just wanted to put a leaf and a twig on each square.  Oh well.

And that sums up our weekend!  I have to say it was just what I needed - a little fun, a little laziness, and a little work.  The perfect balance!  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything special for Mother's Day?  Make sure to link-up with us and to share the love by visiting the other links!!  Have a great week!!

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