Weekend Snapshots 22

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I hope ya'll had a nice Memorial Day weekend!  We had a low-key, relaxing weekend brought to you by our barbeque grill because Memorial Day weekend = grilling and remembering the fallen soldiers who served our country (I'm sure they would want to be remembered with fire and meat).  Make sure to share your Weekend Snapshots with us at the end of the post - Ariana and I will love you for it!!!

Saturday:  We got together with a bunch of other local Enlightened Ingress players to celebrate the Aegis Nova anomaly.  It was a huge potluck, there were kids there for Jack to play with (even though it got a little Lord of the Flies), and raffle prizes (spoiler, I didn't win).  One of the things I really love about Ingress is the community of Enlightened players here in Houston.  I'm not as active in the community as I would like to be, but when they have big get togethers I always try to go so I can stay connected and put faces to player names.  Oh, and Dennis and Jack saw a snake in the wild - very exciting.  When we got home, Jack needed to do some work on his car and then decided to crawl into the cat trap for some reason.

Sunday:  Lazy chore day around the house.  As evidenced by all the pictures I took of the lazy cats.  They knew what's up.  Jack's new thing is to sleep in one of my shirts instead of his pajamas (and I think it's just about the cutest thing ever).  When he woke up on Sunday morning, he came shuffling out of his room with only one sock on - I didn't quite capture it on film, but I think you get the idea.  Dennis needed to finish the sheetrock in the bathroom and with Jack and Squeek's help, that took most of the day (and by help, I mean distraction).  We had to go back to Home Depot - our home away from home, and Jack insisted on wearing not only my t-shirt he slept in, but also the tank top I had worn yesterday fashioned as a forward cape - he's quite the fashion forward toddler.  That Tabasco Sauce there isn't actually Tabasco Sauce - #accordingtojack that's a bottle of root beard.  And of course, it wouldn't be Memorial Day weekend without fire and meat.

Monday:  Dennis woke up with a not-quite-migraine.  Jack was concerned and had Dr. Big Bear help take care of Daddy.  That's the only picture I took yesterday.  I had clients most of the day and didn't do much else.  I did listen to some really amazing stories on NPR (I love you, NPR) about veterans and their experiences in the different wars.

And that's about it!  What were you up to on this long weekend?  Any grilling or cookouts?  Did you get together with friends?  Tell us all about it and make sure to link up your posts!!

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