14 Day Yoga Challenge with Grokker

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved to go to yoga class.  She went with her best friend to a swanky private yoga center several times a week and was at peace with the world (more or less).  Then life happened - she got married, bought a house, and had a baby.  Long gone were the evenings of hot yoga class - she had neither the time, nor the money, nor the energy for yoga class at a swanky private studio and she missed it (when she was awake enough to miss things).  A solution must be found, she thought!!!  And there was a solution - a GLORIOUS SOLUTION!!!  Yoga and fitness videos ON DEMAND right in the comfort of her own living room!!!  What's that, you exclaim?  High quality, professional yoga and fitness videos on demand?!?  A virtual personal yoga instructor at your beck and call?!?  Is this too good to be true?  Well, friends, I'm here to tell you that it's not too good to be true and is in fact available for all through Grokker {affiliate}!!!

In case you didn't guess already, the girl in that story is me.  I used to do yoga several times a week with my BFF, Kristee, and since she moved and life got hectic, I haven't done any yoga at all.  And I miss it terribly.  Even though I've started working out again - running and weights and cardio at the gym are all great - the big missing puzzle piece for me is yoga.  I tried the yoga class they offer at the Y and wasn't terribly impressed, so I kept looking for something - then I stumbled on Grokker, so I immediately signed up!!!  It's exactly what I was looking for!!!

Grokker has an amazing selection of wellness videos to choose from ranging from yoga to meditation to cooking and so much more (it's almost overwhelming - there are so many great videos to choose from).  My plan is to take the Grokker 14 Day Yoga Challenge and starting tomorrow (June 17), I'm going to do yoga every day for 14 days!!!  And since I can stream Grokker videos from any of my devices, I have zero excuse for not fitting in at least one yoga session per day.  All I need is my computer, laptop, or phone and a place to unroll my yoga mat and I'm good to go!

Care to join me on this little yoga adventure?  I hope you do, because I've scored free 14-day trials for all of my readers so we can do this yoga challenge together!!  I'll be doing the 14 day challenge outlined by Grokker and hosted by Steffy White if you want to do the same program I am - if not, there are tons of other yoga videos/programs to choose from.  The point is to get active and get bendy for 14 days and hopefully clear our minds and calm our souls.  I plan to Instagram and/or Tweet my daily progress with the hashtag #reinventingyoga - if you decide to join in, make sure to share your progress with the same hashtag (webstalking, yo).  Check out this video for more info about Grokker and be sure to sign up for the 14 Day Yoga Challenge with Grokker!

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