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We live in an instant gratification digital world.  Smartphones, tablets, laptops, tvs, and computers keep us plugged into the here and now, now, now, now, now.  We are constantly connected - jacked into the Internet and our newsfeeds afraid to miss one single thing (FOMO, yo).  I know I myself have become quite dependent on my digital hit of Internet crack and it's time for a detox.  I got this idea from Angie over at Chasing My Halo  (check out her detox series here) and figured now that I'm finishing up my Whole30 and have detoxed my body, it's time to detox my mind.

My Digital Detox

Here's what my digital detox is going to look like:  Since I'm a blogger, I can't unplug completely.  I will still be posting regularly here and sharing my content across my social media platforms.  I will still participate in the blogger's share groups I'm a part of.  What I won't be doing is scrolling through my FB and IG feeds endlessly at all.  I rarely, if ever, do Twitter, but just in case I'm tempted, no scrolling there, either, or Pinterest.  I can read and comment on blog posts, but I will be setting a fixed amount of time each day I can do so and then I'll have to stop.  I am not allowed to take out my phone while waiting in line (or at red lights or while I'm cooking dinner or, or, or) - not that I play any games on my phone except Ingress, but no games except Ingress allowed, and when I finish writing and sharing a blog post, my laptop gets closed and shut down.  TV is not allowed during the day for me or Jack (well, maybe one show for Jack if he's good, but no endless boob-tube), and all electronic media is off by 9pm.  After Jack goes to bed, I'll allow myself a movie or two episodes of The Walking Dead with Dennis (we're caught up on everything available on Netflix - we only have season 6 to get through!).  I'm going to do this for the entire month of June.

tl;dr - no social media scrolling, no using my phone in those small, short boring moments, no TV except for a movie at night with Dennis, and limited, structured time to comment on blogs for an entire month

What I Hope to Gain

More focus, less anxiety, and more productivity (and hopefully a cleaner house).  I find myself getting sucked down the rabbit hole of the Internet (and more specifically FB) on a daily basis.  I'll be writing a blog post, have a tiny moment of writer's block and open a FB tab as a distraction (for just a second, I swear), and next thing I know, I've wasted 20 minutes on absolutely nothing worthwhile on FB.  Nothing I've scrolled through has had any value to me and most if it isn't even anything pertaining to the actual lives of my friends anyway.  This habit needs to stop!!!  When I get sucked into FB, I usually have an underlying sense of anxiety and dread because I know I should be doing something else, but am frozen in scroll mode.  What if I miss something (the FOMO runs deep within me), but I need to do dishes, but what if the next thing I scroll to is important (it isn't).  I constantly have a miles long to-do list.  Even though I know the things on my list won't get done in one single day, cutting out a significant portion of social media time will inevitably free up time to get other things done.


I plan to check in once a week here with my progress from this digital detox challenge.  If I need to wear a rubber band around my wrist and snap it if I start to scroll, I will (and I'll tell you about it).  I haven't told Dennis yet about my detox plan, but I know he'll help keep me on the straight and narrow.  Wish me luck - I'm going to go unplug myself now.

Do you need to unplug yourself, too?  Are you spending too much time on your devices?  Have you ever done a digital detox?  How did it go?   Do you suffer from FOMO?  Tell me all about it!

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