Sunday Confessions 25

The United States of Becky

I confess:  It's way too hot in Houston - the heat index has been over 100 all week, and all I can manage to do is daydream about moving to the Pacific Northwest.  The man Dennis learned to blacksmith from lives in Oregon and I have this entire daydream about Dennis quitting his job to work with Master Flash and us moving to Oregon.  It's unrealistic in so many ways, but fun to think about.

I confess:  It's not just the heat making me feel this way.  I've been feeling really overwhelmed by life in general lately, so it's much easier to daydream about being somewhere new with new possibilities, but the reality is that no matter where we live, the same types of regular real life things are always going to overwhelm me sometimes.  But it's so much fun to think about those Oregon forests!

I confess:  Hot, hot, hot, heat, hot, sweltering, melting, hot, hot, hot.  Too freaking hot.  And it's only June.  Hot.

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