Sunday Confessions 26

The United States of Becky

I confess:  My house is a mess and I 100% don't care because I'd rather be out enjoying the awesome things to do this summer than be home cleaning.  Even if those awesome things happen to be outside and it's hotter than hot right now.  Yes, I'd rather be hot than cleaning house.

I confess:  I find it really difficult to be excited when someone announces a second pregnancy/birth.  My infertility really has me depressed because I want Jack to have a sibling and that's probably not going to happen at this rate.  At least I don't cry every day anymore.

I confess:  At the end of this month (so in just a few days) my Jamberry Consultant status is going to be downgraded to customer.  They have a sales minimum for a rolling 12 month period and I'm $5 short of keeping Consultant status.  I'm a little sad because I really love those little nail wraps and wish I had been better at selling them.  I know I don't have the time or energy to spend on that business anymore, but it's still a little sad that I couldn't've made something more out of it.  And a little ironic that my status is going to be downgraded over $5.  But I need to let it go because I'm not making any money from it anymore.

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