Weekend Snapshots 23

Brace yourselves, Weekend Snapshots is going to be a super pic heavy post today.  This weekend kicked off on Thursday (sometimes it pays to only work 3 days a week - well, not literally pay because I'm totally broke from only working 3 days a week, but I'm making memories, yo) when Jack and I headed to Shreveport to visit my Mom.  The best part of visiting Mom this weekend is that we kidnapped her and brought her back to Houston with us to spend the week (mwhahahahah!!!)  This edition of Weekend Snapshots features Mom and Jack relaxing at our Starbucks pit-stop on the way back to Houston.  Make sure to link-up your weekend recap posts with me and Ariana at 3twentysix 'cause we love web-stalking ya'll.

Thursday:  Jack and I drove to Shreveport on Thursday (well, I did all the driving - he can't reach the pedals yet).  Since it was my first day off Whole30, we stopped at Starbucks and I got some sweet, sweet, creamy coffee and a slice of pound cake - Jack is the one who ate most of the pound cake, but I enjoyed a bite or two.  I love that Jack thinks the kids hot chocolate is actually coffee.  "I'm need coffee, too, Mommy."  As soon as we got to Mom's Jack headed straight for the sandbox.  He was super excited to have some new red shovels to play with.

Friday:  Mom worked on Friday and Jack and I hung out at the house.  Jack got really messy playing with sand, water, and food coloring and wore himself out so much that he fell asleep in the car on the way to the bookstore to visit Mom.  I didn't want to wake him once we got there (naps are a good thing, ya know), so I had Mom bring me a book to read in the car - no social media scrolling leaves me with time to read books - it's wonderful!!!  Jack woke up at closing time and helped Mom put some of the older books into the giant recycling bin behind the store.  Then it was back to Mom's for dinner and bath time.

Saturday:  Saturday we headed back to Houston and like all good road trips, we had to have a pit stop at Starbucks.  Jack had to read the paper and we found some Moon Cheese (proof my moon theory is correct).  Mom and Jack investigated this cool tree and collected some bark and leaves for Jack's nature box.  We got to Houston late and visited Dennis at work for a few minutes so Mom could see his new office (and ride in the glass elevators).

Sunday:  I woke up super early on Sunday to head out to Clear Lake for the third installment of the Run Houston! Race Series 5k race.  It was kinda weird not having anyone there to cheer me on, but I managed to run a sub-40 minute 5k (which was my goal!).  When I got home, Dennis had gotten off work and needed to sleep, so Mom, Jack, and I headed to the zoo to see the new dinosaur exhibit.  Even though we've been to the zoo several times, there were still some exhibits Mom hadn't seen, so I made sure she went through the priannah tunnel and the mongoose habitat.  No trip to the zoo would be complete without a carousel ride, either.

As usual, we had a fun filled weekend and did a ton of stuff.  This week is going to be jam packed, too, since Mom is visiting - I'm really looking forward to being exhausted by next Monday.  What do you like to do when you have family visiting?  Are you a local tourist?  Do you like to pack in a lot of stuff on vacations or just take it easy?  Let me know in the comments and make sure to add your post to our link-up!  Have a great week!

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