Weekend Snapshots 24

Welcome to the 24th Edition of Weekend Snapshots!!!  This week's snapshots features the Dynamic Duo of my Mom and Jack at The Orange Show.  We've had one hell of a week with Mom visiting us and this weekend was just as busy as the entire week has been.  We've done something fun and interesting every day of Mom's visit, and all of us are exhausted (but in a we just had an amazing adventure kind of way).  Check out what we were up to this weekend and look for an upcoming post (or posts) about all the fun we had on Mom's visit.  Make sure to link up your weekend snapshots with me and Ariana at 3twentysix so we can see what you were up to, too!

Saturday:  After all the fun we'd been having all week long, Saturday morning was a lazy, laid back morning.  We slept in, had breakfast, and then just hung out a little while before Mom and I decided to take Jack to The Orange Show in the afternoon.  Jack saw one of our cats taking a nap in the not yet fully installed toilet in the bathroom and decided he needed to take a nap in the toilet, too (don't worry, it's empty and totally clean).  We enjoyed The Orange Show as much as we could, but it was so incredibly hot outside we weren't able to spend as much time there as we would've liked.  The heat here in Houston can be so punishing.  After The Orange Show, we ran some errands and then relaxed at home.  Mom decided to organize my new bookshelves and unpacked 9 boxes of books for me!!  It's so nice to have all my books on display finally!!!

Sunday:  Mom and I took Jack back to NASA (we went on Friday, too, and got a family membership).  We went through the mock-up shuttle (don't even get me started on how ANGRY I am that Houston didn't get one of the actual real retired space shuttles - WE HAVE MISSION CONTROL FFS!!!) and went through some of the exhibits we didn't see on Friday.  The three of us got to sit in an Apollo capsule launch simulator, Jack did some power lifting (and showed off his muscles), and he tried flying an astronaut jet pack.  Space Center Houston is so awesome and we'll be going there on the regular with our membership.

What were you up to this weekend?  Is it as terribly hot where you are as it is in Houston (seriously, I'm already ready for the "fall" we get here).  Make sure to link-up with us and have a great week!!!

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