Weekend Snapshots 25

It's Weekend Snapshots time already - man, time is just flying by over here (I guess it's because I keep myself so busy).  This edition of the Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by the many silly faces that Jack makes when I tell him to smile.  That kid is such a ham.  Make sure to share your weekend recaps with me and Ariana at 3twentysix so we can all share the internet love, and get in a healthy dose of webstalking.  Now, on to the recap:

Saturday:  My MIL asked me to bring her down to Wharton, TX (her hometown) to help celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of one of her good friends.  You might remember Wharton as the little town with the Tee Pee Motel where we all got sick back in April.  Well, this visit was so much better.  It was a little strange to be at a party where you really don't know anyone, but Jack and I made the best of it by mostly staying out of the way and taking some fun selfies against the photo backdrop that was set up.  I have to say, this was a totally Pinterest worthy party - all the decorations were in gold and the tablescapes were just lovely.  I'm not sharing a ton of those pictures because there are personal family photos in them and I'm not sure if they would appreciate me splashing them all over the internet.  The bride's wedding dress was set up on display and OMG, it was to die for!!!  After the celebration, we all decided to check out the Wharton County Museum since we missed it the last time.  Did you know that Dan Rather is from Wharton, TX?  Neither did I!!  The museum grounds had his original home moved to the grounds and preserved it for posterity.  It was too late to go into the cute little shotgun house, but we did walk around it (and Jack pretended to hide on the front porch before putting on a show for us).  On the way back to Houston, we could see a huge rain cloud up ahead - we were in sunny skies, but you could see the dark rain clouds on the horizon - it was so beautiful I had to stop and take a few pictures.  Once we were back in Houston, we picked up some dinner and invited Dennis to join us when he got off work.  We had a gorgeous post rain sunset and Jack wanted to take a closer look, so Dennis held him up over the fence to see.

Sunday:  Sunday was Father's Day and unfortunately, Dennis had to work, so Jack and I brought him some lunch and his gifts to his office.  I splurged on some sushi because sushi.  We got Dennis  a new tie (not an ugly one, a happy one according to Jack) which has become tradition, and a nice Star Wars Darth Vader and Son journal.  After lunch with Den, we went back home and the rest of the day was chores and boring house stuff.  Towards the end of the night Jack wanted a Build-a-Bear box turned into a robot outfit, and who were we to say no.  It was really funny because he could put the box on by himself, but couldn't take it off - naturally we would let him struggle for a few seconds before helping him because it was so funny.  Overall, it was a really low key day.

How was your weekend?  Have you ever been a party crasher?  What do you think of that wedding dress?  Did you know Dan Rather is from Wharton, TX?  How was your Father's Day?  I hope you had a great weekend and a fantastic week!!  Make sure to link-up you recap posts with us!!

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