Weekend Snapshots 26

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The year is halfway over, y'all.  That's right, we're half way through 52 weeks of 2016.  Half.  Way.  I just can't believe it!!!  It seems like I just started writing Weekend Snapshots posts a couple of weekends ago.  I tried to think of some way to commemorate the halfway point, but drew a blank, so it's business as usual with me and Ariana at 3twentysix.  We're still doing the link up and web stalking everyone - maybe we'll do something to celebrate week 52.  This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by our backyard camping adventures!!!

Friday:  The weekend really started on Friday evening when we enjoyed the first Cool Nights at the Houston Zoo.  Every Friday night during the Summer, the Zoo stays open late so people can enjoy the animals at dusk when it's a tad bit cooler outside.  We only showed up at the very end, but were treated to Ernest, the American porcupine as we walked through the front gates.  How could I not share that cutie pie with the world?  He even waved at me!  When the zoo was finally closing, we took a stroll through Hermann Park and stumbles on the Houston Symphony performing at Miller Outdoor Theatre.  We stopped to listen for a few minutes and then ran up and down the hill a little.  Jack didn't want to go home, but we didn't bring dinner with us and Dennis and I were getting hungry.

Saturday:  Saturday evening, we went backyard camping at my SIL's house.  She was out of town and my MIL was home alone, so we decided to grill some yummy food and pitch a tent in their awesome backyard - I mean seriously, their yard is GLORIOUS!!!  While Dennis got the grill ready, Jack and I had a water gun fight (crossing a couple of things off my Summer Bucket List).  Jack kept stealing zucchini slices to snack on while Den was cleaning the grill.  And of course, we had s'mores later - you can't camp without having s'mores.  We somehow managed to keep the mosquitos out of the tent and even though it was hot, we had a box fan to somewhat keep us cool enough to sleep.  Before bed, a June-bug landed on the table out back, so naturally, Dennis put him in Jack's toy truck as a little tiny driver.  Jack was disappointed when the bug wasn't still in the truck the next morning.

Sunday:  Sunday morning we packed things up and headed home.  Dennis went to play Dungeons & Dragons {affiliate} with friends so Jack and I headed to NASA (love that membership, Mom!!!).  It was a super hot and humid day, so we didn't do much at NASA after taking one of the tours.  NASA wasn't too far from our friend's house where Dennis was, so we wanted to stop in for a quick visit.  Of course, Jack fell asleep about two minutes from their house, but I still got a chance to see everybody.  Later, Dennis went to work to get a few things done and Jack and I brought him some ice cream.  Jack felt like he needed to rest, so he laid down in the ground cover around the building.

I know our weekends sound super busy, but they feel really laid back.  What are your weekends usually like?  Do you stay at home and relax, or do you like to go out and do stuff?  When was the last time you went camping?  Link up your weekend recaps with us and have a great week!

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