Weekend Snapshots 29

UGH, I'm so behind on everything in life right now.....since this post is overdue and it's Wednesday, I'm going to combine Weekend Snapshots with Wordless Wednesday.  I'll *try* to get this week's edition up before Friday and get my ass motivated to actually get some things done in real life and online.  Coming to you from a place of weird funk, Jess.....

Weekend Snapshots 28

So apparently more than just the 4th of July long weekend has me totally thrown off.  I somehow managed to not touch my computer for over a week and as great as that's been, I definitely need to play catch-up around here.  So today I bring you The Weekend Snapshots That Should've Been Posted Last Week (brought to you by my super sweet new Polaroid ZIP printer {affiliate})!!!

These particular snapshots all take place on my monthly visit to my Mom's.  I like to make sure she and Jack get to see each other as often as possible and this visit happened to be close to my birthday, so we did some celebrating with my family (dinner at my Grandma's what-what!!)  Even though it was a travel weekend and my birthday, things were still pretty relaxed.

Sunday Confessions 28 & 29 (on Monday again)

The United States of Becky

I confess:  Last weekend I went to my Mom's - I had every intention of blogging, but didn't touch my computer a single time.  This lasted even when I got back home - all week long, lol.

I confess:  I definitely have more to write about than I have time or energy to write, but I 100% don't regret not taking out my computer.  I have so much to write about that I'm always going to feel like I'm behind, so taking a weekend off isn't going to matter in the long run.

I confess:  Today is my birthday and while I'm usually really excited about my birthday, I'm just not sure how I feel about turning 36.  Ugh, I'm closer to 40 than 30, but I feel like I'm in my 20's.  It's just all so weird.

I confess:  It's because I want to have another baby and this stupid infertility paired with that fucking ticking clock that let's me know my reproductive years are limited plus a husband that won't consider another kid unless certain bull-shit criteria are met - MY TIME IS LIMITED AND I'M STARTING TO FREAK OUT.

I confess:  Sometimes I think my ADD makes me think I work really hard, but I'm actually just spinning my wheels.  Like, I feel busy all day and I'm exhausted, but I haven't really accomplished much.  I feel like I should have something to show for all my hard work, but instead of putting in a lot of hard work on one thing, I've really only put moderate work into lots of things getting me nowhere.

I confess:  Or maybe I'm just lazy?  Still trying to figure that one out.

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Weekend Snapshots 27

Man, this past 4th of July long weekend has really thrown my schedule off for some reason. It's almost the weekend and I'm just now getting around to my Weekend Snapshots (#badblogger lol).  This week's snapshots are brought to you by the official flag of Jacklandia that Jack made at the Houston Zoo's Cool Nights on Friday.

Friday:  I'm not including much more than the Zoo in this Weekend Snapshots because Friday happened to also be July 1st when I do my Day in the Life pictures project - I'm saving most of those pictures for that particular post.  But we did have a good time at the zoo that night.  Even though it was brutally hot.  Jack was totally enamoured with the Uncle Sam on stilts and kept wanting to measure him (we left the tape measure at home and Jack wanted to go back for it, lol).  When not following Uncle Sam around, Jack spent most of the evening running back and forth on the greenway by the fountains.  Forget seeing animals, let's run!!!  After the zoo closed, we went walking around Hermann Park, and on the way home, Jack convinced me to stop to watch Jurassic World at Miller Outdoor Theatre.  He lasted about 3 minutes before a *spoiler* dinosaur ate a person and he was like, let's go home now, Mommy.

Sunday Confessions 27 (on a Tuesday)

The United States of Becky

Ya'll, this long weekend totally threw off my internal calendar.  I legit thought yesterday was Saturday for most of the day, and then spent the rest of the day thinking it was Sunday.  Now it's time to play catch up, lol.

I confess:  I have a cousin who is competing to go to the Rio Olympics.  I'm super proud of them and excited and hopeful and I want to share my feelings and talk about them, but I don't feel like I can because I barely know them (and am purposely being super vague and trying to avoid pronouns).  Why?  Because I'm practically estranged from that side of the family (estranged isn't the right word - more like I'm a non-factor in that side of the family's lives - I didn't grow up with them, only saw them once a year as a kid, haven't been able to visit in years, and virtually have no contact with any of them).  In fact, there's such an age gap between me and this cousin that when I did visit we didn't really interact at all, so they're a practical stranger.  And whenever I want to talk about them, it feels like I'm just a name dropper.

I confess:  Even though I don't really know them and they've never been a big part of my life (or me theirs), I really miss everyone on that side of my family and I really wish I knew them better.  The side of my family that I did grow up with is now horribly and irreparably broken and has some major estrangements and hatred within it and I can't help but feel left out and jealous when I look at how close the other side of my family is.  When I feel like a glutton for punishment, I'll look at their Facebook pages and see family photos where everyone is close and happy to be together and feel totally cheated out of having that kind of family experience.

I confess:  Dennis came home this morning to me a teary-eyed mess because whenever I think about how much I miss that side of my family and how unfair it is that my side of the family is so broken I can't help but cry about it.  I try to avoid looking at their Facebook pages because I'm pretty much guaranteed to feel a little broken-hearted about it all.  I was also upset because I tried to watch my cousin's Olympic trial online yesterday and because we don't have cable I couldn't access the live stream, so I missed it.  I already feel like I'm missing out on so much with that side of the family and yet again, I get to read about something on Facebook that I missed.  I'm just really a mess today.

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