Weekend Snapshots 27

Man, this past 4th of July long weekend has really thrown my schedule off for some reason. It's almost the weekend and I'm just now getting around to my Weekend Snapshots (#badblogger lol).  This week's snapshots are brought to you by the official flag of Jacklandia that Jack made at the Houston Zoo's Cool Nights on Friday.

Friday:  I'm not including much more than the Zoo in this Weekend Snapshots because Friday happened to also be July 1st when I do my Day in the Life pictures project - I'm saving most of those pictures for that particular post.  But we did have a good time at the zoo that night.  Even though it was brutally hot.  Jack was totally enamoured with the Uncle Sam on stilts and kept wanting to measure him (we left the tape measure at home and Jack wanted to go back for it, lol).  When not following Uncle Sam around, Jack spent most of the evening running back and forth on the greenway by the fountains.  Forget seeing animals, let's run!!!  After the zoo closed, we went walking around Hermann Park, and on the way home, Jack convinced me to stop to watch Jurassic World at Miller Outdoor Theatre.  He lasted about 3 minutes before a *spoiler* dinosaur ate a person and he was like, let's go home now, Mommy.

Saturday:  Not much happened on Saturday.  Jack and I hung out at the house while Dennis slept because he's working a night shift rotation right now.  I managed to do a little batch cooking for the week (whaaaaaaat!), and Jack kept putting on a pair of Build-a-Bear glasses.  And that's about all that happened on Saturday, lol.

Sunday:  Jack and I went to the movies to see Dark Crystal.  I was so proud of how well behaved he was at the movie!  No talking or fidgeting from him whatsoever.  He sat in my lap, ate popcorn, and watched the entire movie!!!  Post movie, we went to my SIL's for fajitas, but I somehow managed to miss taking any pictures of either event.  I'm totally slacking!!!!  Jack fell asleep on the way to my MIL's where we were spending the night.  He was pretty energized from the nap, so there was plenty of playing in the yard and when the neighbors started popping firecrackers, he had to see over the fence.  They invited us over to enjoy the fireworks and Jack got this really cool sparkler sword.  I also met another Mom and we exchanged numbers, but I'm not sure when I should txt her - is it like dating?  Do I wait?  Do I txt immediately?  HOW IS THIS SUPPOSED TO WORK?!? #makingfriendsishard

Monday:  We woke up super early to take part in the Run Wild 5K/Kids 1K.  This is the third year in a row that both Jack and I have run this race.  This year Jack actually ran the entire kid's 1K and he went so fast I wasn't able to take pics at the start line and keep up with him to get more pics, lol.  I ran the 5k super slowly and ended up walking most of the last half because it was so freaking hot.  This 5K was my slowest to date, but I am totally okay with that.  Seriously, so hot.  Dennis managed to get off work early enough that morning to watch us run, which was really nice.  After a long afternoon nap for all of us, Den had to go back to work.  I thought about taking Jack to the park for fireworks, but we were too tired.  Luckily, we could see them from our backyard.  No crowds, no negotiating parking spaces, no sweating = winning.

I don't know why this weekend threw my internal clock off so much because we didn't do much.  I'm going to go ahead and blame the heat.  What were you up to this 4th of July Weekend?  Share your weekend recaps with me and Ariana at 3twentysix in our link-up!  Have a great rest of your week!!


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