Confessions 33

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I confess:  Sometimes I don't like to write in my planner because I'm having a 'bad handwriting day'.  Which is actually every day, but some days are worse than others and I just can't stand looking at my writing.  Funny thing is I used to have really nice writing and could even do decent calligraphy.  I blame massage therapy for rewiring the muscles in my forearms rendering me unable to manage the precision necessary for good penmanship.  Yeah, that's it.

I confess:  I've been resisting using Snapchat because I really don't need another social media app to a) distract me and b) to learn and manage, but one of my BFFs has been teaching me how to use it.  I downloaded the app forever ago, but, damn, the configuration is confusing.  Also, I have NO CLUE what I should be snapping (is that the term?).  And I don't even know how to tell you to find/follow me on the app, so yeah, I'm giving Snapchat a try.  Don't expect much from me over there.  Or at least much that makes any sense.

I confess:  I love watching the Olympics and totally have the hots for Ryan Lochte.  Until I realized what a douche-nugget he actually is.  And now the fantasy is ruined.  Like, completely and utterly obviated.  Poof -gone.  And I'm a little disappointed, if not surprised, at this truth.  Then the whole "I got robbed at gunpoint" bullshit started and I just can't even with him.  Like, I look at him and wonder, what the hell was the attraction in the first place?  And then there's this gem - I obviously don't have the hots enough to know he had a short lived reality show?  And now I'm curious.....

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