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I confess:  I complain about my weight and how my body feels, but in truth, I haven't eaten healthy in a couple of months or exercised regularly, either.  I feel like I really shouldn't be complaining about the shape I'm in if I'm not actively doing anything about it.  Like, duh, of course you feel like crap, Jessica, you've been eating like crap and haven't been exercising - STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING

I confess:  I also complain about my ADD and how debilitating it is, but I'm not actively doing anything about that, either.  I have a planner, but don't always use it, and I know I need routine(s) to function, but hate the monotony of having routines, so I'm not doing that either.  Also, I haven't bothered to find a doctor that will give me meds - so, yea, Jessica, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING

I confess:  I've got the blogging blahs (in case you haven't already noticed).  I joined and participated in a lot of Facebook like for like, share for share, comment for comment groups at the beginning of the year and my blog stats were decent but not great.  My stats kinda plateaued after that initial growth and that was discouraging, but I kept on.  But I was really not seeing any additional growth and it felt like I was just asking people to look at my blog instead of people visiting because they were genuinely interested (and it was exhausting to reciprocate all that liking/sharing/commenting).  I'm just feeling so discouraged because I'm just not getting any growth or engagement like I want to around here.  So I guess I need to STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING. But I"m just not sure where to start - it seems like even small blogs have much more readership than I do - what am I doing wrong?  (that wasn't a complaint - it was a genuine question - where am I going wrong?  I suspect my ADD has something to do with it.....)

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