Sunday Confessions 30 & 31 - I think

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I confess:  July really put me through the ringer.  My schedule got thrown off somehow and I crashed and burned the rest of the month.  Just goes to show that a person with ADD lives and dies by their schedule - and I don't even have that strict of a schedule.

I confess:  I have the opportunity to audition for a short 10 minute play and I really want to, but Dennis has his reservations, pointing out that I've been a shitty less than responsible housewife and business owner (not his phrasing, btw) this month and if I can't do that, I should think twice about auditioning for a play.

I confess:  I can't fathom what it must be like for most people that have normal everyday things come so naturally and easily to them (like keeping a house in a decent state) - I don't want to have to put in so much effort just to get the normal everyday things in my life accomplisheds - sometimes that's all I'm barely able to get done without any room left for the things I want to do and that's if I'm really lucky and end my day completely exhausted and burnt out

I confess:  I haven't listened to current music in months - I have no idea what's out there at the moment.  My car radio has been tuned to NPR for the past 6 months, so I'm good with current events at least - music, not so much

I confess:  I get really excited when NPR plays music I recognize in their interludes between stories - I'm like - HEY!!!  I KNOW THAT SONG!!!  Because most of the songs on NPR aren't widely known - it gives me a bit of an ego boos and makes up for not knowing anything about current songs.

I confess:  This is the most "stream of consciousness" Sunday Confessions I've written yet.  I'm not even sure any of it makes much sense, but I'm going to go with it.

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