Sunday Confessions 32

The United States of Becky

I confess:  I sang along to a Justin Beiber song the other day.  It came on the radio in the rarest of moments that I had music on instead of NPR and before I knew it, I was singing the chorus.  I feel so ashamed*.  I don't even like the song!

I confess:  Now that it seems like I have more time to write, I have writer's block!!  Where did all those ideas from last month go?  Come back, come back to me, please!!!

I confess:  I ended up auditioning for that 10 minute play I talked about last week.  AND I GOT A PART!!!!  Whaaaaaaat!!!  Seriously excited!!

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*Please note, if I had actually liked the song, my shame would be different - I'll totally own up to liking a terrible song

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