Weekend Snapshots 32

I'm finally caught up on all my Weekend Snapshots posts, ya'll!  This post is actually from the weekend that just happened!!  I could do a happy dance!  This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by my Grandma's swimming pool - Jack and I went to visit my Mom this weekend, and no visit in the summer is complete without using Grandma's pool, too!

Thursday:  The weekends we go visit my Mom always start on our drive up on Thursday.  We headed out a little later than I would've liked because some errands had to be taken care of, but Starbucks at the halfway mark is always waiting for us, no matter how late we get on the road.  I used to be able to just go through the drive-thru, but Jack loves watching the baristas!  We actually made it to Mom's in a decent amount of time and she had some fun new toys waiting for Jack:  some light sabers, some new tools (and safety goggles), and a super cool tent!  She always finds the best stuff.

Friday:  My mom's boss just had a new baby and she takes her to work with her.  We told Jack that he would be meeting a new baby, so he got my old baby doll, sat down in my rocking chair, and started taking care of the baby.  So freaking sweet.  When we got to the bookstore later that day (I made sure he took a nap in the car on the way there, mwhahahah), there were these two little girls that Jack played with - one was just a couple of months older than him and they totally clicked.  It was really awesome to watch Jack play with a kid his own age.  He really doesn't get that chance very often and it's nice to know he's not a damaged, anti-social only child, lol.  When the baby woke up from her nap, he couldn't get enough of her!  I told him he could only touch her feet (since kids are petri dishes I didn't want his germs all over her).  He kept rubbing and kissing her feet saying, "I want one."  Then he rocked her back to sleep in that carrier.  Tell me this kid doesn't need to be a big brother.

Saturday:  Jack and I lounged around the house while Mom went to work.  We played a little and then he took a crazy long nap (so not his norm).  After the Epic Nap, we visited Mom at work again - Jack was disappointed that the baby had already gone home, but he enjoyed getting to help out a little.  I made sure to hack a portal in Ingress on my way home to keep up with my Sojourner badge and ended up getting a Lawson Power Cube (translation:  I got something really cool while using minimal effort to keep up an in-game streak).  Even though Jack took that crazy nap, he was still pretty tired that evening - Mom read to him to maintain the calm before bed.

Sunday:  Mom and Jack repotted some of her plants while I watched the Olympics (I should mention that's what I did most of the weekend - I never watch sports unless it's the Olympics).  It was a really nice day, so we decided to go swimming at my Grandma's.  I tried to teach Mom how to take pictures on my iPhone, so I actually have a few of me and Jack in the pool together!  When we got done swimming, Jack changed out of his swimsuit and into his clothes all by himself!  That's a first!  I'm so proud of him.  Then when we got back to Mom's he pretended to read with her glasses before bed.  You know, to study up on his enemies!

What were you up to this weekend?  Tell us all about it and make sure to link up with me and Ariana at 3twentysix!

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