Weekend Snapshots 33

This edition of Weekend Snapshots is a little delayed - my phone ran out of storage and I had to collect my pics from my business phone and Den's phone before putting this together.  I'm a responsible adult, what can I say.  This post is brought to you by one of the best hair days I've ever had - ever (also notice Jack being a demon child in the back seat, lol)

Thursday & Friday:  Den's BFF, Roger, and Roger's wife, Liz, rented a lake house for the week and invited us to come out and hang out.  Our weekend was pretty over scheduled, so Thursday and Friday were the only days we could be there.  It was so nice to get away for a day and a half and just relax.  The house was stupid huge - Jack LOVED the pool and I had an amazing hair day.  Fun was had by all.  Even the stuffed animals got in some pool time and sunbathing (warning NSFW - nude stuffed animal sunbathing)

Saturday:  We celebrated my MIL's birthday on Saturday by having a ladies only tea party at Tea + Art.  Part of the tea party was a class on how to blend your own loose leaf teas (which was super interesting) and we got to create our own teas and take some home.  No party would be complete without  pastries (which were amazing) and we all had a really great, girlie time.  After our tea party, we made the guys cook dinner for us.  That is THE way to celebrate!

Sunday:  We had our friend, Nicki, and her two kids, Jan and Linus, come over for the afternoon/early evening - they're visiting from Germany and it was so good to hang out.  We used to go to bars and drink whenever she would visit and now all have kids, so instead we had a playdate #ohhowtimeshavechanged After the playdate, Dennis, Jack and I went to a fundraiser for El Gato Coffee House.  El Gato Coffee House is going to be opening next year and it's a coffee shop where you can hang out with cats.  The fundraiser had a sampling of what the coffee house is going to be like, complete with a room full of kittens!!!!  Jack was beyond excited and we had to make sure he wasn't too over enthusiastic with the kittens.  I can't wait for this place to open - so instead of drinking coffee with cats at home I can go somewhere else and drink coffee with cats.

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