Weekend Snapshots 34 - Geek'd Con Shreveport

Welcome to this edition of Weekend Snapshots, brought to you by Brian O'Halloran and Geek'd Con Shreveport!  Jack and I drove back up to Shreveport for this fun convention - it was a super quick up and back again day-ish trip, and totally worth it!  I went primarily to meet Brian O'Halloran (from Clerks {affiliate}, et al) and I'd totally do it again!

Saturday:  One of my clients is pregnant and she invited me and Jack to her baby shower.  We went to the shower before we left for Shreveport and had a lovely time at her party.  She has a dog that Jack just adored and followed around the whole time.  I gave him my camera and let him take pictures, so most of these are from his point of view.  There were a couple of babies there and Jack couldn't get enough of them, either (he seriously needs to be a big brother), and at one point, Jack kept rolling around on the floor to get attention from the babies.  It was almost embarrassing.  Almost.  After the party, we drove up to Shreveport for the Con on Sunday.

Sunday:  Geek'd Con!!!  I've been to a couple of Cons now, and I have to say, I think I enjoyed this one the most.  It wasn't crowded like the others I've been to and that has a lot to do with my enjoyment levels.  I do not do well in crowds for extended periods of time.  Mom and I met her coworker, Marcus, there and the first thing we did was stroll along the row of celebrities.  I immediately went to Brian O'Halloran's table since he was the reason I decided to drive up there.  He was super nice, but I was a little fan-girly and that usually makes things awkward (just once I'd like to be cool when meeting a celebrity I'm a fan of - just once).  Mom got all fan-girly when we met Pruitt Taylor Vince.  After the con, we visited a haunted house with Marcus (he hopes to buy it - how awesome!!!)  Post haunted house, Jack and I drove back to Houston - it was quite a day!

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