Sunday Confessions 36

I confess:  I'm really picky about what silverware I use.  I only like to use the smaller salad/dessert forks and smaller teaspoons instead of table spoons.  And I prefer a spoon with a pointier shape vs. a rounder shape.  And what's the deal with newer sets where the spoons are really flat and shallow?!?  Ugh, that's just awful.  I also don't like my fork tines to be super long and pointy even if I'm using a smaller salad fork - I'm picky about the proportion of the tines.  Not that I won't eat a meal with whatever silverware is given to me at a restaurant or at someone's home, but I don't have to like it.

I confess:  Despite being a complete mess, I am super anal retentive with how my clothes are organized and all the hangers in my closet have to be the same color or my head will explode.  And of course, I picked out my hangers back in like 1996 when burgundy hangers could be bought, but ask me if I can find them now.  I'll let you guess what that answer is. (side note:  it's actually kinda good that I can't buy new hangers - it forces me to get rid of old clothes to make room for new clothes - otherwise I'd just keep buying new hangers and over stuff my already overstuffed closet)  All my clothes are hung facing the same way and are organized from left to right along the color spectrum - black clothes starting on the left, then ROY G. BIV, then the white clothes all the way to the right.

I confess:  I need to have all my lines for the play I'm in memorized by Tuesday - I haven't even picked up the script to start and I've had the script for longer than I want to admit.  I'm a procrastinator and will be able to memorize this relatively short play (only 8 pages) in no time at all, but I'm still kicking myself for not starting on this sooner.

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