Sunday Confessions 39

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I confess:  We just got back from the Dollar Store and we bought over $50 of stuff we don't really need - but it was really fun digging through everything.  Jack really enjoyed getting to pick things out for himself and I managed to get him some workbooks with Pre-K materials so we can start doing some school-ish stuff at home after his birthday.  At least we managed to leave there with some things that actually have substance.

I confess:  I auditioned for and got cast in another play - this one is an adaptation of The Velveteen Rabbit and geared towards a young audience.  I've done children's theatre before, but it's always been with a cast of all adults - this time around, there are going to be a few adults and a few children in the cast - as glad as I am to be in another play, I'm kinda not thrilled about being in a production with kids.  I mean, I'm not really good with kids, and I'm concerned about the possibility of having hovering stage moms there, and I'm sure acting with kids is going to be.....challenging.  At least I'll be able to bring Jack to rehearsals if necessary and it's a show he can see me in - also the director seems like she'll be great to work with and I'm going to be working with another actress that was involved in the last theatre project that just finished up, so it won't be all bad.....

I confess:  Part of me has always wanted to live in an idyllic small town - kinda like the one in Doc Hollywood, or Pawnee, IN, but then I realize that 1) these places don't actually exist, and 2) I would be completely miserable in a place that small where everybody knows everybody (unless everybody was like the cast of Parks and Rec).

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