Weekend Snapshots 36

Happy Labor Day, everyone!!!  I hope you're enjoying your last official weekend of Summer (although we technically have another couple of weeks till Fall).  I'm working today instead of taking advantage of this socially acceptable long weekend (but I really only work 3 days a week, so I ain't complaining).  But I am looking forward to seeing what shenanigans everyone is up to this weekend!  This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by my drive home from Shreveport yesterday.  My GPS took me way off the beaten path to save me over an hour of drive time!  I got to see some beautiful countryside and save a ton of time on the trip home!  Win-win!

Saturday:  Most of the day Saturday was spent in our pajamas, lounging around my Mom's.  She had to work and Jack and I both felt pretty lazy.  We didn't even make it up to the bookstore like usual because one of my very best friend's, Mat, invited us to his dinner theatre performance that night.  So much theatre lately (so much happy)!!!  Another dear friend of mine, Deneena, and her daughter also went to the show.  I was a bit nervous about bringing Jack, but this was an interactive murder mystery show and I figured Jack might get into the interaction and behave.  He was mostly confused by the people in outrageous costumes coming up and talking to him, lol.  One actor knew some magic tricks and Jack was very impressed - and tried to mimic the tricks.  It was adorable.  The show was super hero themed including Flaming Boa, Goth Girl, Narcolepta, Rich Man, Incredibly Handsome Man (the magician), and others I didn't get pics of.  Narcolepta kept falling asleep all over the place, and Flaming Boa (Mat), was super flaming.  Jack behaved for the most part and even ate his dinner - his favorite course was the chocolate mousse for dessert.  Back at Mom's we used a black bath bomb at bath time and, well, it was delightfully messy.

Sunday:  We had to drive back to Houston a day early because I had rehearsal on Sunday night.  Luckily, we didn't have to leave super early and got to take our time on the way back.  We had a little adventure because my GPS took us a completely different route to save on time.  It was a beautiful drive on a beautiful day.  Jack was antsier than usual and we ended up making a ton of stops - it's a good thing I gave myself plenty of time to get back to Houston,  I also used Snapchat to document the drive - I'm seriously becoming addicted to that platform - I have a real love/hate/love relationship with the app.  We always stop at the same rest stop along the way so Jack can play on the playground.  I remember when he was too short to even reach those rings!

Our Labor Day Weekend was low key and lots of fun.  It's always fun visiting Mom and we got the added bonus of theatre and some of my best friends!  I hope your Labor Day Weekend was amazing - be sure to link-up with me and Ariana at 3twentysix to share your Weekend Snapshots!  Have a great (short) week!

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