Weekend Snapshots 37

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Weekend Snapshots, brought to you this week by the most awesome pair of cowboy boots I've ever seen.  It was definitely love at first site and  I have no idea what I'm going to wear them with, but wear them I will!  Just take a moment to appreciate them with me......

Saturday:  I recently found out that the Texas Junk Company, a local landmark, is going to be closing soon.  They have odd hours and every time I've tried to go there, they've been closed, but thanks to social media, I found out they were going to be open on Saturday - needless to say, we had to go look around.  Texas Junk Company is famous for their plethora of used cowboy boots and when you move to Houston, it's kinda a right of passage to buy a pair of boots from there - I'm only about 15 years overdue.  I found this glorious pair of boots about 5 minutes after walking in - they were up high on a shelf and it was destiny that brought us together.  Den wasn't so sure, but they're my feet, so poop on him for not basking in their glory.  They fit like they were made for me and they're my new preciouses.  Jack's not too sure about them, either, but he's only 3.  Jack had fun opening drawers on all the antique cabinets and stumbled upon one full of mostly toothbrushes.  He was amazed, lol.  After digging around in the Junk Shop, we headed for my niece's daughter's third birthday party.  It was Cinderella themed and adorable.

Sunday:  Dennis went to play Dungeons & Dragons {affiliate} with friends and Jack and I did chores and played around the house.  That evening we had to attend a funeral for one of Den's uncles.  We ran into heavy traffic, so naturally, Jack fell asleep in the car.  At least he was well rested and on good behavior.  He insisted on bringing his "purse" full of his necessities - Hot Wheels cars {affiliate}, sunglasses, and a laser gun.  I had to leave the service early to make it to our dress rehearsal for the play.  For some reason I haven't taken a single picture of rehearsals - we open on Thursday, so I'll have to make sure to get some pics of the theatre.

All in all it was a busy relaxed weekend.  We did a lot and a lot of things got done for a change.  I hope you had a great weekend, too!  Don't forget to link up with me and Ariana at 3twentysix so we can all share our weekend shenanigans!!  Have a great week, ya'll!!!

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