5 Reasons You Should Go to a Blog Conference

It's that time of year again.  Blog Elevated is happening this weekend here in Houston, and I'm super lucky to be attending (for the 4th year in a row, yo!).  I've attended the Blog Elevated conference since it's inaugural year and I hope I never have to miss this amazing conference.  I learn so much every year and make some really amazing connections with bloggers and brands, not to mention all the fun I have.  If you've never attended a blog conference before, you need to stop what you're doing and go find one to register for right now!!!  There's still time to register for Blog Elevated if you're anywhere near the Houston area.  If you're still not sure you should go to a blog conference (you totally should), here are 5 reasons you should go to a blog conference - you can thank me later!

5 Reasons You Should Go to a Blog Conference

1.  You're going to learn some amazing things.  Spending a weekend at a blog conference is like the most amazing crash course in all things blogging and social media.  You're going to come away with new skills and strategies that would've taken you a whole lot longer than just a weekend to learn.  New Pinterest strategies?  Check.  Streamlining your workflow?  Check.  Instagram growth?  Check.  Monetization, SEO, and Email?  Check, check, and check.

2.  You're going to meet some amazing people.  I make new blogger friends every time I attend a conference.  You're not going to get that from sitting in front of your computer in your pajamas attending a webinar.  And you're not just going to meet some amazing people, you're going to meet some amazing bloggers - people who truly understand what it's like to write and manage a blog (usually while juggling other commitments).  You're going to find your tribe at a blog conference.

3.  You're going to take your blog more seriously.  The first time I attended Blog Elevated, I was a complete noob blogger.  Sure, I'd been blogging for a little while, but if you look back at my blog then versus my blog today, well, I had a lot of room for growth.  After attending Blog Elevated (and making the financial investment in a ticket), I really started taking my blog more seriously.  And if you make a financial investment in your blog, no matter where you are with your blog, you're going to take things more seriously.  And that's where the real growth and return start to happen.

4.  You're going to connect with brands.  Most of us start blogging as a fun way to express ourselves, but I don't know a single blogger that doesn't want to turn their blogging presence to a financial return in some way or another.  More and more brands are realizing the benefits of working with bloggers and brands that want to work with bloggers usually have a presence at blog conferences.  What better way to establish a relationship with a brand than actually getting to meet their PR rep in person?  I can't think of a single better way.

5.  You're going to have a ton of fun!!  Attending Blog Elevated is one of my most fun weekends of the year.  I really enjoy socializing with other like minded bloggers and make the most of all the mixers and parties that happen during a conference.  I'm especially looking forward to Blogger Speed Dating at this year's conference.  As much as I like being social, I can be pretty shy and introverted and speed dating sounds like a great way to meet some new bloggers.  Blog Elevated is one of the only times during the year where I get to get dressed up, do my hair and makeup, and get to be around other adults.

Going to a blog conference is something every blogger should do at least once.  You'll come away with more knowledge than you could get anywhere else, you'll make lasting connections with other bloggers and brands, and you'll have so much fun you won't know what to do with yourself.  If you're nervous about attending a conference, check out this post I wrote about How to Survive a Blog Conference When You're Socially Awkward, Shy, Introverted, Have Social Anxiety, or Are Otherwise Socially Compromised for some really useful tips!

Have you ever been to a blog conference?  Did this list convince you to sign up for one today?  Did I leave anything off my list?  What are some of the reasons you attended a conference?  Let me know in the comments!!!

If you can't attend a conference in the near future, check out Blog Elevated's amazing newsletter, their Facebook groups, and look for their Twitter chats on Tuesday nights at 9pm central time - just look for the hashtag #BlogElevated

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