Sunday Confessions 42 - The Walking Dead Edition

I confess:  I'm almost caught up on Season Six of The Walking Dead {affiliate} and I think I'm going to need stronger blood pressure medicine - I know how the season ends, who is on the chopping block to get killed by Negan, and that we don't find out till the start of Season Seven who dies, but every time a character says the name Negan I want to yell at the TV, "NO!!!  STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!  JUST STOP!!!!"

I confess:  I'm not sure which character I can stand to lose.  I know Glenn dies in the comic book {affiliate} AND I CANNOT LOSE GLENN OR MAGGIE!!!  I don't *think* they would kill Rick or Daryl (I mean, come on, is there really a show without those two???) - I think the only one I could part with would be Rosita (and that's probably why she's not the one)

I confess:  I'm really worried they're going to kill off TWO characters in the season premier - Glenn, like in the comics, and another main character, maybe Daryl, because he has a new show and has been doing more movies.  I am not prepared emotionally to see the premier of Season Seven.

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