Weekend Snapshots 40

Wow, ya'll, this past weekend was quite a doozie!  Jack and I went to visit Mom and the whole time we were there, it was non-stop go, go, go.  It's Tuesday and I still feel like I'm recovering from all the fun we had.  This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Festival Plaza and the Red River Revel (one of the many things we did this weekend).  Make sure to link up with Ariana from 3twentysix and I to share the Weekend Snapshot love!  Link-up is at the end of the post!

Thursday:  Jack and I drove up to Mom's on Thursday.  While we were loading up the truck, Jack insisted on bringing an armful of his stuffed animals - so many he could barely carry them (not that I minded).  He kept dropping them and I got that cute pic of him on the kitchen floor in exasperation.  It was a beautiful Autumn day (shocker!) and when we made it to our halfway Starbucks stop we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the breeze.  Jack kept commenting on the blue sky and then accurately explained to me why the sky is blue (or at least as accurately as an almost 4 year old can explain those things).  I'm not sure where he picked up that little nugget of information, but color me impressed, lol.  As per usual, he spent most of the trip there asleep - he really needs to brush up on his road trip companion duties.

Friday:  Mom worked, so Jack and I hung out at the house for most of the day.  She bought Jack a Chase Paw Patrol costume {affiliate} and he spent most of the day wearing it.  I love the way his hair sticks out the back of the hat.  My Mom's roof is being re-shingled, so naturally, Jack wanted to help.  I let him go out in the yard and pick up some of the stray shingles that didn't make it into the dump trailer.  He was a big help.  That night, at bath time, Mom practiced her toddler hairstyling skills.  She may have found her new calling.

Saturday:  Another work day for Mom.  We slept in later than I planned (I was going to try to go for a run in the morning while the temps were still cool, but, alas, that didn't happen).  Jack and I lounged around in our pajamas until my Dad came over to get some more work done on the roof.  Naturally, Jack wanted to help, so the two of them climbed on up.  Needless to say, I was a nervous momma!!!  I knew Jack would be careful and my Dad would keep a watchful eye on him, but two stories up is a long way!  Jack finally told me he was fine and that I should just go inside - no need to watch his every move from the ground.  Is this kid about to turn 4 or 14?!?  Saturday was also the first of the month, so I was doing my monthly Day in the Life posts over on Instagram (you should seriously follow me and I should seriously update my DITL blog posts, lol).  When the roofing was done for the day, Jack and I headed up to the bookstore to visit Mom.  Her bosses' baby daughter was there and she and Jack are totally obsessed with each other.  They can't take their eyes off each other - Jack rocked her to sleep at one point, and when she woke back up, he decided to "read" her a story.  Sometimes I just can't take the cuteness.  When Mom got off work, she wanted to take Jack to the Dollar Tree to go on another toy binge.  He picked out two things and was all, let's go, and I was all, I'm not done looking at the stickers!!!  Finally, it was time to eat - a quick meal at Hey! Man, and then off to bed with us.  It was quite a day!

Sunday:  Sunday morning, Mom and I met up with on of her co-workers, Lacy, for brunch at a Mexican restaurant and to see my Dad's band play music.  It's the first time I've been to see my Dad play music is close to 8 years.  The food was good (but a little overpriced) and Jack had a lot of fun dancing.  After brunch, Mom, Jack, Lacy, and I stopped by Rhino Coffee for a pick-me-up, then we headed to the annual arts festival, the Red River Revel.  Jack was only interested in the giant sandbox/mockup archeology dig, so Lacy and I browsed the vendor tents while Mom and Jack played.  Both got buried in the sand and Jack came away with a bag full of treasure he dug up.  We also made sure that he got some time to shop at the mock grocery store, ran the obstacle course, and painted a terracotta pot.  Post Revel, we went back to Lacy's apartment (she lives in the building I used to live in), and Mom and Jack pretended to fall asleep on Lacy's amazingly fluffy rug.  Side note:  Lacy's apartment is too adorable for words and I'm going to be doing a post just about how cute her place is soon.  By the time we got back home, Jack was asleep and we were all exhausted!

How was your weekend?  Are you enjoying Fall weather where you are?  I can't wait for the temperature to stay Fall like - I know it's going to get hot here again.  Any festivals where you are?  Do you know why the sky is blue?  Make sure to link up with us and have a great week!!

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