Weekend Snapshots 41 - Opening Weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival

Huzzah and Happy Monday to you!  It's time for another edition of Weekend Snapshots brought to you by Jack out at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  It's that time of year again, so be prepared to see a lot of TRF in my Weekend Snapshots link up with Ariana at 3twentysix.  Make sure to link up with us at the bottom of this post!

Saturday:  Saturday was opening day of TRF.  We got out there on Friday afternoon to unpack our stuff and settle in- we have a bunk house behind our booth so we stay out there all weekend.  Jack was so excited about Faire that he insisted on wearing his costume all day on Friday, too, lol.  Jack got a pretty bad ant bite on his foot on Friday and ended up having to take some Benadryl on Saturday, so he was a little grumpy for most of the day.  He wouldn't let me get a pic of him, so I kept trying to sneak pics.  I finally got him to take a nap (poor guy was fighting the Benadryl sleeps so hard) and was in a much better mood once he slept and even made some silly faces for the camera.  He ate a good lunch, so I agreed to get him some cotton candy, too.  He played with some goggles and kept pretending that we were launching rockets with guns on them to shoot bad aliens.  I managed to get some good pics of the closing fireworks show, too!

Sunday:  Jack and I only spend a half day at faire on Sunday.  I had to drive back to town for rehearsals.  The weather Sunday morning was perfection!  We woke up and it was in the mid-50's and I couldn't have been happier!!!  It did get a little warm during the day if you were in the sun, but for the most part it actually felt like Fall!!  Jack is really loving Faire and this year is the first year that there are other kids for him to play with.  Friday night he made friends with the kids across the lane and on Sunday a Faire friend of ours brought her son over to "meet" Jack (I mean, they've met for the past two years but were too little for that to mean anything, lol).  I tried to get a good shot where you couldn't see her son's face because I never know how someone feels about having their kids on the interwebs and explaining that I blog and then asking for permission gets old.  So I just either cover their faces with a sticker or get a pic without them facing the camera, lol.  It was sweet to see them play together.  Jack really wanted to stay and work with Dennis when it was time to leave - he's almost old enough to be able to stay and not distract Dennis too much.  Actually, I think he's just about old enough now, but Dennis convinced Jack to come home with me.  I also managed to get some comp tix for Ariana and Jihane, so they came out to enjoy the day, but I didn't get to hang out with them because I left early.  Rehearsal went well and Jack mostly behaved himself at the theatre.  I didn't get any rehearsal pics because when I wasn't on state I was wrangling Jack.  And I don't think it would be a Weekend Snapshots if I didn't get a car selfie with Jack either asleep or being goofy, lol.

And there you have it!  A great opening weekend out at TRF!  I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekends at TRF!  What were you up to this weekend?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments or if you have a post, make sure to link up below!!!  Have a great week!!!

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