Weekend Snapshots 42

Welcome to Weekend Snapshots 42, brought to you by Jack's curly hair - the dirtier he gets out at Faire, the curlier his hair gets, and as you can see, we had a very fun (and dirty) weekend.  Keep on reading to hear more about our weekend adventures and make sure to link up with me and Ariana at 3twentysix!

Saturday:  Jack and I stayed in town Saturday day because I decided to take a client (mo money, no problems).  He went to Mimi's house and I worked.  I was undecided on whether or not to drive out to the renaissance festival that evening since we'd only be staying for part of the day on Sunday.  But then I realized that all the things I though I'd be taking care of around the house probably wouldn't have actually gotten done and that we won't have the chance to be out there for a few more weekends.  I threw my adult responsibilities out the window and decided to go to faire.  We stopped for snacks on the way (and our signature car selfie, this time with a donut for Jack and a burrito for me - so healthy, I know).  We got out there just in time for Dennis, Jack, and our friend, Michelle, to have a fun game of chase and throw the toddler.  Soon, it was time for fireworks and for the day to wind down.  I took some cool video of the fireworks in slo-mo (love that feature on my phone!).

Sunday:  I woke up early Sunday to get in a run.  The weather wasn't as cool and nice as last weekend, but I only had the chance to get to the gym twice that week, and I told myself I was going to workout at least 3 times a week this month.  Plus, I really love going for runs out there - the Magic Fairy Garden is my favorite part of the run.  Jack got up just as I was about to go for my run, so Dennis got him dressed and ready for the day - I didn't get any pictures of Jack running after me, but every time I looped past the Press or the Mint, Jack would run out of the shop and run with me - so cute!!!  Jack was pretty tired for most of the day, but he fights sleep like it's the enemy, so he wasn't always in a great mood.  And when he gets tired, he's more reluctant to eat (which makes him even grumpier), so we had to walk him through a couple of meltdowns near the middle of the day (and we FINALLY got him to eat something, so that helped).  I had rehearsal again that evening, so we left early.  I was hoping Jack would fall asleep in the car on the way home - there was no way he was going to behave at the theatre in his current state of mind, but he wanted to eat a hamburger (never going to say no to food for that boy), and then claimed he wasn't sleepy.  We made it almost all the way home (an hour drive) before he finally fell asleep.  You can see how happy and relieved I am in yet another car selfie with him.  He behaved beautifully at rehearsal!!!  I got a pic of him quietly coloring in one of his magic ink coloring books - I was one proud momma!!!  Then he said he wanted nachos to eat and who am I to deny my reluctant, picky eater food he requested?!?  Then we went home and he ate a plate of spaghetti!!!  I guess he was making up for all that food he didn't eat out at faire (color me relieved).

I hope you had as fun a weekend as we did!  Make sure to link up with us and to check out what everyone else was up to, too!  Have a great week!!!

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