Weekend Snapshots 44

I'm back and playing catch-up with Weekend Snapshots!  It's been a month - a month - since I've made the time to sit down and go through my weekend pictures.  Like I said in this post, October made me it's bitch and I've been trying to play catch-up on all things in November.  So be prepared for a spamming of Snapshots posts, lol.  This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Jack at the Louisiana State Fair - finally tall enough to ride the kiddie rides!!!  Lucky he is!

This particular weekend, Jack and I visited my Mom, so be prepared for lots of pics - it was Halloween weekend and we celebrated birthdays with my family, plus I took my Grandma to dinner theatre.  To say we were busy is an understatement.  Check out what we were up to and don't forget to link-up with the most recent Snapshots edition with me and Ariana at 3twentysix!

Thursday:  As always, we drive to Shreveport on Thursday afternoon and always stop at the same Starbucks for a coffee and marble pound cake.  The day was absolutely beautiful so we sat out on the patio where Jack pretended to have a lemonade stand.  He tried to sell imaginary lemonade to every car as they came out of the drive-thru lane - I'm really surprised it didn't work, lol.  The umbrellas were lemon trees, so this imaginary lemonade was made with extremely fresh ingredients.  Only $5 a glass!

Friday:  The local children's science museum, SciPort Discovery Center, was having a Halloween party, so Mom, Jack, and I went when she got off work.  Jack dressed up as a Lumberjack this year, but didn't want to wear his green beard - or rather, he didn't want to wear it on his face, so he had a big green fuzzy chest, lol.  There were some really neat Halloween themed science experiments, spooky food, zombies, and a dance party!  When the party was over, we went walking along the riverfront.  Jack loved the colorful fountains and lights from the casinos.  We stayed out too late, but had a really great time.

Saturday:  Jack and I slept in on Saturday.  Once we got up and got going, we visited our friend, Lacey, at the cutest shop in Shreveport, The Sleepy Hollow.  It always amazes me when my podunk hometown has something cool.  And I always wonder how long it's going to last.  I didn't get to browse as much as I would've liked because Jack wasn't having it, but I can't wait to go back next time I visit.  Then we visited my Mom at work - Jack's favorite baby was there, and he got to help my Mom do some work (they're recycling books they can't sell - not throwing them away, just FYI).  They also had some toys he was able to play with.  After visiting Mom, I took Jack home and my Dad did some babysitting so I could take my Grandma to dinner theatre.  The show starred two of my very best friends, Deneena and Mat, and Deneena's daughter, Kylie.  The show was so funny and was written by Mat.  I also can't wait to go again!  And Grandma actually took a selfie with me!  #winning

Sunday:  As if all this fun stuff wasn't enough, we went to the Louisiana State Fair on Sunday.  Jack was finally big enough to ride some rides!!!  He was so excited to be tall enough that he'd run up to each height checker and check his height for every ride, lol.  He also got to ride  his first mini-rollercoaster (watch the video here).  It was unseasonably hot that day (as it has been all "fall"), but we still had a great time.  After the fair, we went to my Grandma's house to celebrate Jack's birthday, my Uncle Martin's Birthday, and Cousin Carolynn's birthday.  I didn't take any pictures because I wanted to enjoy dinner and family.  Also, I was exhausted.

I'm exhausted just writing about this amazing weekend!  Now you know why I fell so behind on posting!  I'm including the link-up from this week even though it's now closed for new submissions - I'll have my latest Weekend Snapshots up soon, so check there to add your latest post!!!

Have a great week!!!

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