Weekend Snapshots 45

The edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Dennis and Jack working the Gutenberg Press out at TRF.  Part of the reason I've fallen so behind on Snapshots is because all the weekends out at Faire tend to run together (and I don't take as many pictures as I could/should).  There's not too many noteworthy things from this weekend, so this post is mostly a photo dump - Jack got a new fireman's helmet that he wanted to wear all weekend (until we traded hats for a little while), it was our turn to cook dinner for everyone (see that giant pork loin?!?), and Jack got some good practice in running the Press (he's known how since he was one).  Oh, and there was a great pillow fight between Dennis and Jack.  It was a typical weekend out at faire!

I'm including the link-up that matches this weekend - look for the most current snapshots post (coming up) to add your link!  Thanks to Ariana at 3twentysix for partnering on the link-up!!!

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