Weekend Snapshots 46

This edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by an amazing sunset out at TRF.  I'm learning how to edit photos on my iPhone {afilliate} and this pic is the result of my tinkering with the editing.  Not much of note happened this weekend - just a typical couple of days at Faire.  I spent most of the weekend in pretty heavy mourning over the results of the election so I didn't leave our room much, hence not many pics this week.  Jack took a nap (shocker) and check out those lashes.  I swear boys get the best lashes.  It's also Jack's job to help Dennis light all the lanterns in our shop at sunset.  He looks forward to it all day long.  We did manage to go see the joust and Jack fed the joust horses some carrots after.  We bought 5 carrots - Jack fed 4 horses and himself, lol.

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