Top 10 of 2016

2016 - so many say you are a cursed year, and while you were a rough year, I don't think you were cursed.  For me personally, you were pretty meh.  I feel like I was in a holding pattern throughout most of the year and didn't make much forward movement (but staying in place is better than going backwards).  But I'm not here to complain about you, 2016.  I'm here to collect my Top Ten moments from you.  Every year for the past forever, and inspired by my best friend Daniel, I've been making a Top Ten list for the year, and I can't think of a more important year to single out the good from.  The idea is that no matter how difficult a year has been, you have to come up with the top ten significant moments from your life - the original rules were to come up with ten good things from the year, but not all significant things are good things.  So here's my Top Ten of 2016

  1. I wrote more blog posts in 2016 than ever before (but even with that much writing, my blog still seems to lack direction - get it together, Brogan, srsly).  Side note:  I also had a pin on Pinterest go semi-viral.
  2. I got paid actual money for blogging - not a lot, but still, real money
  3. I made my return to the stage and acted in two plays
  4. I completed the Run Houston Race Series
  5. Jack potty trained himself (at this party, lol)!!
  6. We went backyard camping
  7. We stayed in the Tee Pee Motel and visited the State Capitol
  8. My Mom and Dad got back together and my relationship with my paternal family is being repaired
  9. We had a HUGE plumbing back-up and had to rip out the floor to fix it
  10. I cut my hair again (because I was falling back into the pattern of pulling my hair up into a bun/ponytail)
Honorable mention:  We bought a new (to us) truck (of my dreams), and then 6 days later it broke, so 2016 got in some bitch slaps, for sure, lol.

Looking back, 2016 wasn't all that bad.  That's why I like making a Top 10 list - it really puts the year in new perspective.  Not to say that a lot of crap didn't happen in 2016, too, but even in a rough year, there's good there, too.  I hope 2016 wasn't too terrible for you, and if you feel like putting together your own Top 10 list, I'd love it if you shared them here with me.  I'll leave this link-up open all month if you'd like to add your own Top Ten or year end wrap up post!  Here's to a great 2017!!!


Weekend Snapshots 49

I'm getting oh so close to being caught up with my Weekend Snapshots!!!  Yay!!!  Things have been so crazy since October and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Although just because TRF is over doesn't mean I wasn't incredibly busin in December.  Remember to show some love to my Snapshots inspiration, Ariana at 3TwentySix and be sure to look for our new Snapshots linkup format for 2017.  This week's edition of Weekend Snapshots is brought to you by Astronaut Jack at Space Center Houston!

Saturday:  I was supposed to participate in the last run of the Run Houston Run Series for 2016, but the race had filled up before I could register (and the race schedule would've prevented me from getting to the theatre on time), so I chose to participate virtually.  I woke up super early, and went to my usual jogging trail to get in my last 5K for the year.  It was cool and rainy and perfect for running.  My time wasn't my best or my worst for the year, and considering I hadn't run other than on a treadmill in months, I'm super happy with my time.  I had to go straight from running to the theatre for our opening performance of The Velveteen Rabbit.  Dennis brought Jack to see the show and everything went really well.  They stayed during the second performance (and played on the playground), so we all left the theatre at the same time and ran some errands.  It was some nice family time.

Weekend Snapshots 48 - Thanksgiving and Closing Weekend at TRF

Finally, the last weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival.  I'm still playing catch up with Weekend Snapshots - I'm getting close to being current on the link-up and have new plans for how the link-up will run in 2017.  Make sure to show some love to Ariana at 3TwentySix for hanging in with me on this project in 2016 - she is the inspiration for it, after all!

Thursday:  Thanksgiving Day!!!  One of the best Thanksgivings I've had in quite some time.  I mean, Thanksgiving is always a nice get together with Den's family, but this year the gathering was larger than usual, all the young cousins were there and it was just really, really nice.  We ate way too much food (Jack opted for cheese and crackers because he's a weirdo), I ate at the kid's table, and we had a nice bonfire in the backyard after dinner.

Weekend Snapshots 47

I'm still playing catch up with my Weekend Snapshots - between Faire and all the holidays, I just haven't been able to write the way I'd like, but I'm determined to get all my Snapshots posts for 2016 done before the end of the year!!!  This edition is brought to you by Dennis sneaking up on Jack out at TRF.  This was the second to last weekend of Faire and I was really starting to feel the fatigue.  Make sure to hang in there with  my Snapshots posts, to check out Ariana at 3TwentySix's posts, and look for a little change in the way the link-up is run for 2017!!!

Saturday:  Saturday morning, I had to go to the theatre to do our promotional photos for The Velveteen Rabbit.  I had to take Jack to my MIL's at an hour much earlier than he's usually up and I totally felt like a Mom Boss for getting Jack out of bed, dressed, and into the car without waking him up!!!  I haven't been able to replicate that since then, but a win is a win.  When I went to pick up Jack, he was playing with the boy who lives next door to my MIL - they've become quite the buddies.  I'm so glad he's got a friend!!!  It's tough when he's not in any daycare or preschool and I don't have any mommy friends.  That evening at Faire, we celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended family of friends from Faire.  It was cold that evening, so Jack ended up bundled up in my one winter coat.  We ate too much, and everything was delicious (Dennis kept setting aside the fried turkey skin for me - so delicious!!!)

Sunday Confessions 50

I confess:  I started my period yesterday.  While wearing my all white costume during a performance.  However, because I don't trust my body, I was prepared!!!  I was wearing two (yes TWO) pairs of underwear with a pad in each pair.  I know that sounds excessive, but better than the alternative of ending up looking like a crime scene while performing a children's play.  Take that, Mother Nature.

I confess:  I have this weird obsessions with having clean ears.  Like, I'm always cleaning out my ear canals, but that's usually not enough for me.  Like, I can SEE into Den's ear canals, and my tiny pinky fingers are the PERFECT size to dig out any ear wax I can see in his ears.  So I'm always digging in his ears (he makes A LOT of ear wax - it's a treasure trove in there).  There's something so oddly satisfying in cleaning out his ears, and although he lets me, he apparently hates it.  So now I'm going to have to stop doing it and I'm totally bummed.

I confess:  For several months last year, I was super on top of all my domestic housewifey type duties and it was the most difficult thing I've ever done.  Sure, the house was somewhat more clean (and maybe a tiny bit more organized) than usual, but I was exhausted - both mentally and physically.  Mentally because it was such a struggle to stay focused enough to do simple, basic home maintenance tasks, and physically because I'd be so lost at times I'd just pace the house not sure what to do and trying to stay that mentally focused was physically draining.  I keep thinking that if I can just figure out how to keep the house nice that everything else will fall into place - like, so many things I want to do are impeded by the fact that I need to clean up/clear space before I can begin instead of just being able to begin.  But I find it so difficult to do the basic house tasks that I'm too exhausted to do anything else.  So frustrating.

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Sunday Confessions 49

I confess:  The costume I have to wear for one of the characters I play in The Velveteen Rabbit, the Toy Soldier, essentially wears all white.  I am terrified that I'm going to start my period during a performance and end up looking like I was in battle or something.  I think I would literally die onstage if that happened.

I confess:  In the last two weeks, I've eaten at Taco Bell and McDonalds more than I haven't.  I don't want to know what that's done to my blood pressure and cholesterol.  I am not proud.

I confess:  I usually end up spending at least half of every night in Jack's bed.  I know I'm going to miss the cuddles when he's a teen, but I'm desperate for a full, uninterrupted night's sleep in my own bed.

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