Sunday Confessions 50

I confess:  I started my period yesterday.  While wearing my all white costume during a performance.  However, because I don't trust my body, I was prepared!!!  I was wearing two (yes TWO) pairs of underwear with a pad in each pair.  I know that sounds excessive, but better than the alternative of ending up looking like a crime scene while performing a children's play.  Take that, Mother Nature.

I confess:  I have this weird obsessions with having clean ears.  Like, I'm always cleaning out my ear canals, but that's usually not enough for me.  Like, I can SEE into Den's ear canals, and my tiny pinky fingers are the PERFECT size to dig out any ear wax I can see in his ears.  So I'm always digging in his ears (he makes A LOT of ear wax - it's a treasure trove in there).  There's something so oddly satisfying in cleaning out his ears, and although he lets me, he apparently hates it.  So now I'm going to have to stop doing it and I'm totally bummed.

I confess:  For several months last year, I was super on top of all my domestic housewifey type duties and it was the most difficult thing I've ever done.  Sure, the house was somewhat more clean (and maybe a tiny bit more organized) than usual, but I was exhausted - both mentally and physically.  Mentally because it was such a struggle to stay focused enough to do simple, basic home maintenance tasks, and physically because I'd be so lost at times I'd just pace the house not sure what to do and trying to stay that mentally focused was physically draining.  I keep thinking that if I can just figure out how to keep the house nice that everything else will fall into place - like, so many things I want to do are impeded by the fact that I need to clean up/clear space before I can begin instead of just being able to begin.  But I find it so difficult to do the basic house tasks that I'm too exhausted to do anything else.  So frustrating.

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