Top 10 of 2016

2016 - so many say you are a cursed year, and while you were a rough year, I don't think you were cursed.  For me personally, you were pretty meh.  I feel like I was in a holding pattern throughout most of the year and didn't make much forward movement (but staying in place is better than going backwards).  But I'm not here to complain about you, 2016.  I'm here to collect my Top Ten moments from you.  Every year for the past forever, and inspired by my best friend Daniel, I've been making a Top Ten list for the year, and I can't think of a more important year to single out the good from.  The idea is that no matter how difficult a year has been, you have to come up with the top ten significant moments from your life - the original rules were to come up with ten good things from the year, but not all significant things are good things.  So here's my Top Ten of 2016

  1. I wrote more blog posts in 2016 than ever before (but even with that much writing, my blog still seems to lack direction - get it together, Brogan, srsly).  Side note:  I also had a pin on Pinterest go semi-viral.
  2. I got paid actual money for blogging - not a lot, but still, real money
  3. I made my return to the stage and acted in two plays
  4. I completed the Run Houston Race Series
  5. Jack potty trained himself (at this party, lol)!!
  6. We went backyard camping
  7. We stayed in the Tee Pee Motel and visited the State Capitol
  8. My Mom and Dad got back together and my relationship with my paternal family is being repaired
  9. We had a HUGE plumbing back-up and had to rip out the floor to fix it
  10. I cut my hair again (because I was falling back into the pattern of pulling my hair up into a bun/ponytail)
Honorable mention:  We bought a new (to us) truck (of my dreams), and then 6 days later it broke, so 2016 got in some bitch slaps, for sure, lol.

Looking back, 2016 wasn't all that bad.  That's why I like making a Top 10 list - it really puts the year in new perspective.  Not to say that a lot of crap didn't happen in 2016, too, but even in a rough year, there's good there, too.  I hope 2016 wasn't too terrible for you, and if you feel like putting together your own Top 10 list, I'd love it if you shared them here with me.  I'll leave this link-up open all month if you'd like to add your own Top Ten or year end wrap up post!  Here's to a great 2017!!!

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