Weekend Snapshots 47

I'm still playing catch up with my Weekend Snapshots - between Faire and all the holidays, I just haven't been able to write the way I'd like, but I'm determined to get all my Snapshots posts for 2016 done before the end of the year!!!  This edition is brought to you by Dennis sneaking up on Jack out at TRF.  This was the second to last weekend of Faire and I was really starting to feel the fatigue.  Make sure to hang in there with  my Snapshots posts, to check out Ariana at 3TwentySix's posts, and look for a little change in the way the link-up is run for 2017!!!

Saturday:  Saturday morning, I had to go to the theatre to do our promotional photos for The Velveteen Rabbit.  I had to take Jack to my MIL's at an hour much earlier than he's usually up and I totally felt like a Mom Boss for getting Jack out of bed, dressed, and into the car without waking him up!!!  I haven't been able to replicate that since then, but a win is a win.  When I went to pick up Jack, he was playing with the boy who lives next door to my MIL - they've become quite the buddies.  I'm so glad he's got a friend!!!  It's tough when he's not in any daycare or preschool and I don't have any mommy friends.  That evening at Faire, we celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended family of friends from Faire.  It was cold that evening, so Jack ended up bundled up in my one winter coat.  We ate too much, and everything was delicious (Dennis kept setting aside the fried turkey skin for me - so delicious!!!)

Sunday:  We had a nice day Sunday - it was chilly, but not uncomfortably cold.  We did what we usually do at Faire and had the opportunity to see our friends Brian and Victoria.  Brian plays French horn in the Houston Symphony and was playing with a brass quintet at Faire (so it's the first I'm we've actually gotten to see him play).  I had to leave early to make it to the theatre for rehearsal, and then home to crash.  Just writing all this makes me exhausted.

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