Weekend Snapshots 48 - Thanksgiving and Closing Weekend at TRF

Finally, the last weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival.  I'm still playing catch up with Weekend Snapshots - I'm getting close to being current on the link-up and have new plans for how the link-up will run in 2017.  Make sure to show some love to Ariana at 3TwentySix for hanging in with me on this project in 2016 - she is the inspiration for it, after all!

Thursday:  Thanksgiving Day!!!  One of the best Thanksgivings I've had in quite some time.  I mean, Thanksgiving is always a nice get together with Den's family, but this year the gathering was larger than usual, all the young cousins were there and it was just really, really nice.  We ate way too much food (Jack opted for cheese and crackers because he's a weirdo), I ate at the kid's table, and we had a nice bonfire in the backyard after dinner.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday:  Last weekend at TRF!!!  Yay!!!  Always much anticipated and bittersweet.  Friday night we went on a walkabout after Faire closed to take pictures of all the Christmas lights decorating the shops - it's so beautiful!  We used to go on walkabouts every weekend, but haven't in years, so it was especially nice to take Jack along with us.  We stopped by the glassblowing shop and had fun trying to avoid the Water Dragons (sprinklers).  Jack and I also tried to do all the things we hadn't gotten to do the other weekends of Faire.  We rode on the Dragon Swings, Jack rode a pony, and we made sure to have some cheesecake on a stick.  My friend, Dawn, who I haven't seen in years came by with her family.  We didn't get to visit long, but it was nice to actually see her in person.  She's an awesome chick!  I had to leave early on Sunday to get to rehearsal, but I didn't mind because as much as I love faire, I was really ready for it to be over.  Until next year!!!

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